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  1. As said above, the map editor is not out yet, so unless you want to change your existing map, you can't do anything about the map. It's impossible to do without the map editor that is still to come out.
  2. The map editor is still not out - we're anticipating for a late January release of it, otherwise it will slow down scenario/mod making severely ;/
  3. ($Jake$)


    Oh my God
  4. Just cut the middleman and add a button that assimilates all provinces and builds all buildings in all provinces. Perfect solution.
  5. Age of Civilizations Africa was left out as always ;(
  6. Kekistan is one. Even though it's not technically fantasy
  7. Brush mode should be added to literally every option on "more". From assimilation to buildings to plunder. It would be for the better this way.
  8. Multiplayer would be extremely hard and painful to program. He would have to do a lot of work, and during that, expect NO new content and NO new updates because it would take him a long time and a lot of effort to do. Once the players are angry enough of lack of Multiplayer, someone will naturally make a Multiplayer Mod without us having to kill off any enjoyment Łukasz might have in his life.
  9. I can play AoCII again finally ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  10. cant wait for airports to be added so i can use my epic airplane divisions from iraq and fly them to new york
  11. Last episode we left our protagonist off in Africa, finding his greatest enemy Vladimir Putin in South Africa and the Mozambique. Donald Trump quickly sent his men down to South Africa and surrounded the Russian Colonies. He demanded Putin give the provinces to the USA but Vladimir kindly denied. Donald, having no other choice, had to do the unthinkable. He proceeded to rack up a massive amount of money and take every single coastal province of southern and central Africa. This was a big feat, but in the end Donald Trump secured Africa. While this was happening, troops were already s
  12. I doubt this will happen but good luck anyways. There are multiple ways this can fail. 1. You get worn off and stop the project 2. You notice how unrealistic it is and size it down by a lot 3. The scenario gets so big that the game will basically implode on contant 4. Later on in development you will screw something up by accident and will have to have hours of fixing to do But good luck anyways. This could be interesting.
  13. >Ukraine in one piece >China in one piece ok I know this is nitpicking but can you please change that it literally makes no sense at all knowing the political situation in both of these countries that they would last in one complete piece for the next 31 years
  14. Yeah I believe it is extremely unrealistic, additionally most scenarios have a ton of nations but only like 2 alliances. If they were the size of the Allies or Axis it would be ok, 3-8 nations, but 2 nations in an alliance is a joke. The most I got in mine was 4. That is a complete joke knowing that throughout all times in history there were alliances with way more than 4 members, but even those are nearly impossible in-game. Knowing there's like a billion nations in 1440, the limit should be even higher.
  15. I actually have a different problem with rebellions. I basically never see rebellions in-game and I would love to see more of them as they add spice to the game. I think there should be an option to change the happiness/whatever level that influences rebellions. You should be able to make it higher or lower, so there is more or less rebellions in the world.
  16. Interesting idea. That could be a pretty good way of balancing it, but there are rich and powerful countries that might be just barely cut out of the great powers tab that would naturally be able to colonize. Portugal is a small nation but was able to colonize massive amounts of land, for example.
  17. Are you fairly new at the game? Do you have no idea how anything works because you are used to Hearts of Iron 4 or EU 4? Well, here's some simple tips from someone who manages to win most of their wars anyways. 1. There is never enough money. I know, this sounds stupid, but when you play the game you tend to spend a lot of your money on research and such, and usually keep your income small so you develop as much as you can but trust me, THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH MONEY. Whether you are playing in 1440 and colonizing or playing in 2018 and trying to go up in ranks. You need a lot of money
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