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  1. I don't know why but we can't post in information's anymore lukasz explain please
  2. Also side note I think everyone feels the same way
  3. You refused to answer any community questions yet but fucking archive my questions is this were all of our money went to? If you truly care about us say something reply then if you archive this then you just don't give a fuck One archive question Link
  4. Also Lukas get your lazy ass to fix the damn spam drug bots are annoying
  5. A couple things will change in my mod not sure what I'll be putting in it but I'll go the way
  6. Do you recall back then saying that you wanted the game to modable? And us to create great content for your game? So why no open source? Why no updates? Why no news? Also on the side note what are you doing?
  7. its just all used to be .class files but now there all.java AOC2 classes-dex2jar.jar.src.zip
  8. It's really been like Idk since February since you really did anything with the game also since then you have been TOO SILENT this is really unacceptable especially that mod tweet the Fuck was that about, like can you just tell us what are you really doing instead leaving us in the dark like this, this silence is just ridiculous Have a nice day Also its been way half of the year
  9. T This is a second hand project right now I'm working on eu2300
  10. here lies a fixed map of age of civilizations 2 New Maps ww1 ect v1 download not a lot here https://drive.google.com/file/d/13tkmpEum61nCOhLazE_zwCJ_7pKs_Lyz/view?usp=sharing
  11. @jakowskidev please tell us
  12. we are all wondering @Łukasz Jakowski
  13. BAD DEV not good for your reputation tio ingore your followers like this 

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