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  1. Well the more civs on the map the more slower the game runs so I see your point
  2. Ah yes my favourite pass time inflating a neighbouring countie's economy excellent job mate very impressed with this mod
  3. This is a simple fix sure it may have Sudentenland and Hungarian ethnic lands in Slovakia but these borders are the pre partiton borders of Czechoslovakia
  4. Well I checked and addon 2.0 isn't out so our best bet is to wait it should come out in May or June
  5. Well that's Add-on ver 1.4 this is 2.0 well uh I might check to see if it's out
  6. I'm certain fixing the code a bit will definitely make this feature work just the concept of it seems so nice sorta of reminds me of the state transfer mod in a way of fixing the borders though I can see why this feature could take away the fun of getting a Civ quite large
  7. Well it's not finished yet as of right now I'm certain there will be one once maybe mid May or early June hits
  8. I wonder the same thing too I mean its not that hard to add the new version of kaiserrich onto ones scenario
  9. Understandable only time will tell then anyway I wish you luck for your mods
  10. Understandable the scale of the Mod itself is huge
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