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  1. Hm I can see the benefits of raising the minimum units to a reasonable number like 500 because raising it does help to midigate the border gore
  2. I mean clearly people went from asking the man for a download link to making fun of him
  3. It seems the map lacks Hokkaido
  4. But the first step to getting these lost features back would be to do the obvious get the lost version somehow
  5. Well one notable lost mechanic or well unused would be Relgion and looking through the game files clearly there is data already in the game for it but it wasn't finished completely i mean possibly adding this could be a possibility but idk yet
  6. This must be one of those late April fools jokes
  7. You're right I am wasting my time here and I should let Trans Amur do what he wants to do.
  8. Mods don't die because it's a nightmare to mod this game it's because people harass others for literally no reason which make people leave
  9. Great fucking job you made Trans-Amur want to leave and I can understand why.
  10. Each time I check this part of the forums out it's either begging Ivr for a download link please wait for God sakes and bashing Chairman when I haven't seen the guy do anything wrong what a community and being one of the first people on the forums I am a bit disappointed in this community
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