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  1. If you don't know what you did then try the check the game files (if you're on pc)
  2. You can add them to the game in the "government" folder
  3. What's the problem ? You're in sandbox mode so there's no need to.
  4. You launched it once and after it keeps on crashing ? Are you on windows ?Then try to check the folders with steam.
  5. Hello, i know someone who has troubles creating a leader, the country is existing and assigned but it doesn't work. It seems fine to me so idk what's happening. Does anyone have an idea ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/869416646533766/permalink/1357982957677130/
  6. Sure XD .Let's say you just switch to the next one : the next period's one . It's the most plausible idea i guess for now. It'd be still rare though
  7. I add only once the opportunity to buy one but that's nearly impossible, needs a fix
  8. Settings -> game settings -> formable civilizations
  9. Click on your flag -> Stats -> wars
  10. If you're on steam try to reset game files .If it doesn't, delete the senario and retry Note: when you modify a senario ALWAYS change the title.
  11. You can't really, maybe you can modify him. Unless there's a leader floder in the games files were you may be able to do so. The flag editor is in : create a civilization -> modify the flag
  12. Usually your vassals take your ideology but in some cases they take another one (like norway switch to monarchy) and it's impossible to change it (at least from my experience)
  13. Whith the missiles required to send them 🙂
  14. "He is probably going to release a AOC3 " Where do you know from there's maybe going to be an AOC3 ? I agree that AOC2 must stay simple, but it could be cool to add different units but not to many and focus on what can be really different. (air force#navy#infantry#tanks) for ex
  15. Don't know, i thought i saw it somewhere ! So i guess lets say i said nothing
  16. Just wondering , will it be possible, a bit later, maybe after the workshop realease to modify the game more in depth (like modifing AI descisions, adding diplomacy actions, adding other units, etc...) ? Btw do some of you guys are really good at modding ? (Like 11:59 mod creator or turkish modder)
  17. I don't think Lukask will add this (and also lots of suggestions) to the game anytime soon but the community probably will with mods. Plus the things will be optionnal and appliable with a button like if you want to activate sandbox mode so that people that want simplicity can keep it.
  18. AoC2's goal is to be THE best strategy game. But yeah, it's not going to be part of the game that easy and would probably be part of a mod.
  19. minerals, primal ressources (wood, oil, etc...) and energy (water, steam,electricity, etc...)
  20. Why would rebels create a new country ? Did the rebels of french revolution created another france ? No In my opinion rebels' goal would be to take control of the capital and change the country not creating a new one. Except if these rebels were a part of a conquered country.
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