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War of the Eight Continents (SECOND DEMO RELEASED!) (WIP)

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Or at least, the Zuan Winter Period. In 375 BCE, several Zuan dynasties have made their claim to the Mandate of Heaven, Zuan states continue their endless fighting, the Hawer Venora (northeast) is being pressed between a growing Hitheyah Khanate and internal fighting, Asakahima is at war between the Yamato, which are at war with each other too, and the Ewisu, which are at war with each other too, and the Ashoka Kingdom is at its peak of power. 


Just six more scenarios to go.

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Posted (edited)

Start Date: 2 March 1740

Managed to get two scenarios showcased today. I'll make some changes and refinements, so no scenario is currently final, but they shouldn't look radically different when the second demo is publically released.

Also, the number of new civilizations (including their distinct ideologies for technical reasons) now stands at 629, 478 of them added just for the second demo, with 30 formable civilizations, and still counting! Most of the new civilizations are included in the scenarios and therefore can be played or formed!

Let's jump 2,215 years into the future from the previous scenario, into the year 1740 CE. In this year, pretty much the entire Zuan territory, and three of Chenhai's counties (there are 15 in total, 9 of them outside the game area) are under control of the thriving Zuan Empire, the Ravenfielder Eastern Trading Company holds the ports of Kaihtan and Kyonsun, taken from the Koson kingdom 12 years ago, Asakahima is nominally under control by the Kayosama shogunate, which started out weak and unstable and is now so weak even the Ewisu have been able to resurge and form the Sanoyu kingdom, the Truc Nhom kingdom is beginning its ambitious unification of the Viet, and the Dara Raj is trying to keep out the numerous Mardi vassal states.


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Start Date: 14 June 1836

The year is 1836, and the Industrial Era is rapidly gaining speed across the entire world. With new, huge armies, the continent of Dacanium moves out of the fragmented feudal phase, into large, industrialized, multicultural empires posing a threat to the old world. Their effects can be seen even in the distant Land of the Red Flowers, where the Eastern Ravenfield Trading Company has taken hold of many ports from which immense wealth flows into Ravenfield, and an expeditionary force has conquered some of the western Asaka clans from the weakened Kayosama Shogunate and founded the city of Kaiserhaven, the first Western colony in the area. However, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - the old world is resisting the influence of colonial states more and more fiercely, while themselves facing resistance from ambitious revolutionaries and reformists wishing to modernize their countries. In the Zuan lands, the decade-long war between the Zuan Empire and the New Han continues, devastating much of the border regions and leaving the economy in ruin.



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20 hours ago, Valixor said:

No plans for an Android version right now, but a mini version of WotEC (to allow lower-end mobile devices to run it) may come after the release of the beta, sometime in 2022.

Great to hear, I've always wanted an aoh mod that was greatly above the vanilla province quantity but the only ones out there make the game  run like a potato with numbers above 13k on android - hoping to finally play a with reasonable 6-10k map that won't melt through my phone. Your doing phenomenal work here and you don't get enough credit - keep it up man! We won't let the fire die out, you've got so much potential! Well worth the wait!

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Start Date: 20 March 1875

The decades following the beginning of Dacanian colonization in the Land of Red Flowers would completely overturn the old rules by which the countries followed, and lead to a complete change in the geopolitical landscape. The Zuan Empire would be defeated in three Coffee Wars, which saw Ravenfield taking Huantao (Wantou) and Elvon taking Tiaochang (Tiaotschang) in 1846, and the beginning of the Century of Humiliation.

The situation became even worse with the spread of the Industrial Revolution to the Zuan Empire, with prefectures industrializing with Western assistance in defiance of the central government. Radical factions began sprouting across the Great Zuan, from ultrareformists wanting to remake Zuan culture completely, to socialists disgruntled with horrible working conditions in newly industrialized prefectures and preparing for a massive armed revolt. These factions have already revolted against the central government: 200,000 peasants and workers in Chentao Province revolted in 1869, defeating the Zuan garrison and creating the Liaozhang Commune, which functioned until July 1871 when the Asaka army brutally suppressed it, killing 70% of Liaozhang's population, while in the east, the Romantic Uprising, led by intellectuals familiar with Dacanian literature, continues destroying ancient temples across their controlled territory.

In 1863, Odawa Meisho conquered the powerless Kayosama shogunate and declared himself the Emperor of Asakahima, then annexed or subdued the remaining clans in the country, and in 1870 shocked Zuan leaders and many others by doing the impossible: successfully performing a naval invasion of the southwest Zuan and conquering three whole prefectures, now under a tight Asaka grip. In a handful of years, the dominance of the Zuan Empire within was destroyed, and a fierce three-way competition began, between what remained of the Great Zuan, the rising Empire of Asakahima, and Western countries looking to divide the Land between themselves.

The Ravenfield Eastern Trade Company was dissolved in 1867 and its territory split between subjects of Ravenfield, streamlining government and ensuring more direct trade flow. Five years earlier, the Dara Raj was pressed to give up much of its territory to Ravenfield and the Planum, with the Venora and Kasana princedoms becoming subjects of the Daprati Government after a failed revolt in 1871.


Next scenario... probably 1000 CE.

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(NOT CANON) Start Date: 16 September 1907, PoD*: 1875
PoD - Point of Divergence

The Industrial Revolution proved too much for the Land of the Red Flowers to endure, with the exponential rate of discoveries and inventions far outpacing the rate of social evolution. The massive population of the Land meant the newly industrialized countries outproduced the rest of the world by the year 1890, doubling their population once every ten years, while the wars waged were larger, bloodier, with thousand-ton landships and multi-layer trenches becoming the norm.

The year is now 1907, the world population is 500 billion, and the world chokes with dust and soot. The sky is dark, only lighted up by the endless lights, foundries and fires from the towering, crowded buildings, and sometime even igniting. No light from the sun has reached the ground for over a decade, the only thing keeping the world from freezing being those same buildings and almost suffocating levels of greenhouse gas. No plants can grow anymore, not even complex life can survive outside.

What was the Zuan Empire is now six, equally insane countries: the Yucheng Illuminati, the Hawer Zenawa, the True Zuan Empire, the Order of Disorder, Yanwen Industries, and the Erchen Machine Horde. The south of the Zuan Empire is enduring genocide from the Asaka armies, resisted only by a new Liaozhang Commune, little different from any other industrial state on a deeper look. The East's last remnants of the old world are now living their last days, about to be completely destroyed by the products of a giant machine.

Okay, next scenario REALLY is 1000 CE.

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(NOT CANON) Start Date: 1 January 2031

Yeah... Gonna get the easy ones out of the way before doing the 1000 CE and the Age of Darkness scenarios. There isn't much lore in place for this one, it's just the Zuan lands shattered into several countries and Asakahima split into two to make a more balanced battleground. Yes, the Zuan countries will be formable, and West and East Asakahima are already formable.


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Start Date: 2 August 1000

Welcome to the year 1000... and the whole area is shattering out of control! In the Zuan lands, several major kingdoms have established themselves, though they stand threatened by the growing power of the Jin dynasty, the Mahaar are chilling out in the northeast, Chenhai seems to be breeding a suicide cult or something, the New Yamato kingdom is pretending it still owns Asakahima, Truc Nhom and Payn Daw are in more than a dozen pieces, and Chonaha and Rahenya are fighting over who should rule the Dara Peninsula. Who knows what'll happen in the next thousand years... we'll just have to see!

As of now, there are 723 civilizations made for the 1st and 2nd demos, 571 made just for the 2nd demo. The last scenario will be in 514 CE, during the Fall of Augustia, and then there will be a few fixes and additions before the 2nd demo is released.


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Start date: 10 December 592 CE

The year is 592, and Dacanium is plunged into darkness. The institutions of the late Augustian Empire, destroyed 78 years ago, are rapidly disappearing with barbarian states pillaging its entire northern territory, while millions are migrating south to avoid them, their migrations causing famines in the Maedarian countries of southern Dacanium, already struggling to feed their huge population, and large-scale ethnic replacement.

In the Eastern Lands, the effects of the Fall of Augustia have not been as pronounced, though trade has been greatly affected by the collapse of the Augustian Empire. Here, three groups of exiled Augustians have formed the kingdoms of Veunoria, between Elira and Khayr, Morvania in the southern Golden Peninsula, and Li-Jien in the Zuan lands, all laying claim to the restoration of the Augustian Empire.

The Zuan lands are still in chaos, even 300 years after the fall of the Han Empire, but the bloody wars seen in the early years are now a rare thing, and the area seems to be slowly uniting, possibly even into another empire rivalling the Han. The strongest opposition now comes from the Ralijite Khaganate, at its maximum extent, and the Ehryaak Horde, both with massive, well equipped nomadic armies ready to conquer everything in their way.

The Dara peninsula however is going the opposite way, the once powerful Kanupa Empire is in decline and about to shatter very soon, with powerful warlords ready to conquer territory from the giant corpse left over, and the Yamato Kingdom's brutal treatment of the conquered Ewisu has backfired, the Ewisu revolting in the largest rebellion ever seen on the islands so far.

This will be the last scenario for the second demo of WotEC, next I'll finish the formable civilizations, Asaka Civil War events (not very complex ones yet), and other minor things and bugfixes, and then it's ready for release. There are 767 civilizations in total, 615 of them made just for the second demo.

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After three weeks of constant development, the Second Demo for War of the Eight Continents is complete! The second demo is set in the Land of the Red Flowers, a place where the constant of war is most prevalent, and empires need not last forever.

The Second Demo has new features and game changes:

  • 619 new civilizations (770 including first demo)
  • 44 new formable civilizations
  • A map with 1,091 provinces, and provinces with growth rates of up to 200%
  • Larger maximum population and economy, allowing more realistic scenarios
  • Increased minimum attack army from 10 to 50
  • Overhauled terrains, with more significant modifiers

Scenarios are listed from latest to earliest in time


  • Modern World (country-level) - 2021 CE
  • Modern World (division-level) - 2021 CE
  • 2nd Asaka Civil War - 1968 CE
  • Century of Humiliation - 1875 CE
  • The New Age - 1836 CE
  • Between East and West - 1740 CE
  • Eastern Rekoviad - 1476 CE
  • The Turban Rebellions - 1340 CE
  • Turn of the Old Millennium - 1000 CE
  • Age of Darkness - 592 CE
  • Winter is Coming - 375 BCE
  • Mythic Dynasties - 1974 BCE


  • Superregion Wars - 2031 CE
  • Region Wars - 2001 CE
  • Shattering of the Flower - 1907 CE

Download link (Demo 1.1 + Demo 2):

As always, report any WotEC bugs in the Discord server.

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