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War of the Eight Continents (UNDER DEVELOPMENT) (formerly T.O.R. Mod)

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All 551 provinces, including 80 sea/lake provinces are now complete. Tomorrow, I'll do the province connections, place cities and set biomes and growth rates. After that I'll finish making the civilizations (some already made behind the scene) and unveil the first scenario of the map. The demo is still expected to release well on time at the current rate.

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FIRST DEMO PROGRESS PART 4: CONNECTING THE DOTS20210618165520_1.thumb.jpg.36d8a720862fa51f5073a23fe2016ee6.jpg

I've made great progress today, all 551 provinces are now connected with no major continuity problems, and regions and biomes are now complete. Only the growth rate remains to be set, and then a demonstration of the map's functionality will be made later today.

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Updates: Growth rates are now finalized, and above I've made a demonstration run using the random game mode (the civilizations intended for the scenarios are not finished yet). No problems to speak of, the first demo of WotEC will definitely be released within the next week, probably by the 23rd of June.

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Small update: Most of the effort is now on making flags for around 150 civilizations in the demo map area, which is why I haven't released any more progress screenshots. The current plan is to have at least four basic scenarios (375 B.F.R. and 2021 already decided upon), and possibly more.

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I finally decided to give a rough estimate as to how many new flags will be made just for the first demo of the mod, and the count is somewhere around 170 flags used to some extent... That's a lot of flags just for the very first demo, all the game civ flags combined in the old T.O.R. mod, even those never used in any scenario, added up to only 238 flags. So far, 93 have been completed over the past few days, though progress has been slow recently because of ongoing high heat sapping all my will to develop this mod.

The path towards the full version won't be any easier, just the 375 B.F.R. scenario will have at least 700, mostly pre-civilized states, and some will have even more than that. In addition, all modern civilizations will have six flags for each of the major ideologies. Overall, the rough number of flags by the time of full release is probably going to be around 2,500, more than exist in the vanilla game (~2,100 by my count). When I say this mod is a massive effort that will take up a lot of my time over the coming months, I. MeanIT.

Also, here's some of those flags:wotecflags1.thumb.png.37b5c282f3b3911657a04696f253386b.png

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