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The German Divide (What if France made the Treaty of Versailles?)

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The German Divide (Alpha now available!)

The German Divide is a mod that I'm making. It's basically a mod where France made the majority of the Treaty of Versailles articles.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/Oj9aJRw

Download link (current version, archive of old versions when 0.2 comes out.): https://we.tl/t-KtZG1AhYW6

Expires in 1 week, temporary link!

To do:

Alpha release:

Finalize map (working on)

Beta release:

Add custom leaders

Add custom nations


Prepare events


Finalize lore (planned, lore document will be released when finished)

I would gladly accept help with designing flags, creating lore and custom portraits!

Thank you for your time.








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Updates as of 03/26/20:

Removed East Turkestan Republic

Added Egypt as a British vassal

Added French Algeria as a French Vassal

Added French Indochina as a French Vassal

DR Congo is made independent

Created new factions (Nordic States, Neutral States Council)

Removed Yucatan from Union of Socalist States and removed vassalization

Modified middle east borders

Modified Azerbaijan border and made vassal to Armenia

Modified New Zealand - Australia border



Public build is now available!


(Link expires in 1 week, will make MEGA link when Alpha 0.2 comes out.)



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      It's 1919, and the war is over.
      With the peace treaty signed, even though it wasn't what the French wanted, they were sure that it was going to end the germans, making them pay for what they have done.
      But it was not the case.
      Only some years later, the germans had reastablished their country into one of the major european powers. The french, were envy of what Germany had became. A leading economy, so big it could compare with the US. Not only that, but after striking a deal with Poland, the corridor and Danzig was given to them, in exchange for using the german ports freely. 
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