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8 minutes ago, Ali Baki said:

Bir şey soracağım. Luka bu modu indirmemize izin veriyor mu? Kendisi ile nasıl konuşabilirim @Kerems2434

luka değil lukasz izin veriyor lukasz moda çünkü önerilenlere kendi koydu ve konuşamassın lukaszla adam leh yani polonyalı

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Posted (edited)

For some reason it says that my phone might get a virus from downloading the mod but it probably won't, right? 

Edited by ABVPB

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Posted (edited)

There is some little inaccuracies

1.The Willemstad island is  connected to Venezuela

2.trinidad and Tobago island is connected with Venezuela

3.jamaica is connected to southern Haiti

4.Bosnia and Herzegovina should have a little province that connected it the sea 

5.sama as bosnia, Lithuania have a little province that connected Lithuania to the Baltic Sea



Pls fix it in the next update 

Edited by Friedrich Wilhelm

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On 7/19/2020 at 4:48 AM, Kerems2434 said:

Age of Civilizations II - Conquerors Mod by AoC2ModdingTR

Conquerors is a Europa Universalis IV patch for Age of Civilizations II. We added a lot of new features to the game with this mod. 
We'll do updates every month or every two months to the mod.
So what is the features of the mod?


- New EU4 - Extended Timeline Map (3708 Provinces)
- 1829 City Names for the EU4 Map
- N
ew improved HRE (Holy Roman Empire) System
- New Formable Systems to Some Countries (Will be added to more countries with 4th update)
- Added "Choose Your Way" system to Turkey (This feature will be added to more countries with other updates)

- Over 701 New Leaders
- 203 Formable Civilizations
- EU4 Civilizations Colors for all scenarios
- EU4 Extended Timeline Scenarios
- Improved Graphics
- Quicker Turn Pass Speeds (with v1.1 Fixing the Bugs Update)
- About 1500 New Civilizations
- EU4 Interface

- EU4 Icons
- EU4 Musics
- EU4 Declare War Sound
- Improved WW1 Scenario
- Improved WW2 Scenario
- New Flag Effect
- New Font
- New Game Logo
- Compatible Versions for Windows & Android   

Ottoman Empire (Turkey):  Ottoman Beylik -> First Ottoman Empire -> Great Ottoman Empire <- Ottoman Empire (Development period) <- Ottoman Empire (Downfall Period) <- Turkey
Greece (Byzantine Empire): Greece -> Megali Idea -> Byzantine Empire -> Eastern Roman Empire -> Roman Empire
Italy (Roman Empire): Italy -> Italy Kingdom -> Western Roman Empire -> Roman Empire
England (United Kingdom): Anglo-Saxons -> Sussex,Wessex,Essex -> England -> Great Britain -> United Kingdom -> British Empire
Azerbaijan (Safavids): Azerbaijan -> Great Azerbaijan -> Caucasus Turkish State -> Safavids

And more....


- Fixed over 134 capital problems in all scenarios years
- Fixed and added new leaders to the WW1
- Fixed over 57 connection problems
- Fixed Eastern Germany Leader in the Cold War Scenario
- Improved Background
- All of the islands added to 1991, 1947 and Modern World Scenarios
- Fixed some ideology problems (like Ottoman – Democracy)
- Solved the slow turn pass problem in all of the scenarios 
- Remade WW1 Scenario
- Remade WW2 Scenario
- Added 1939 Scenario 
- Added Spanish Civil War Scenario (DLC Version)

- Fixed default Spanish Civil War Scenario 

- Added 15 scenarios to between 395 - 1399 years.
- Added new improved HRE (Holy Roman Empire) System
- Added new formable system to Azerbaijan (This feature will be added to more countries with 4th update)
- Added "Choose Your Way" system to Turkey (This feature will be added to more countries with other updates)
- Fixed over 49 connection problems and some bugs
- Fixed some borders in the scenarios
- Added over 50 new leaders
- Added Nile, Danube, Iberian, Euphrates and Tigris Rivers

- Improved the WW2 Scenario
In v1.1 and earlier, in the WW2 scenario, France topped the rankings despite being a powerless country of the era. He could easily defeat Nazi Germany. In order to make this absurd situation more realistic, a detailed nerf (power reduction) was applied to the country of France. The powerful states of the period, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, were given buff (empowerment). The nerf made to France was made more logical by detailing. The Gallic region, where France's main territory is located, was made stronger, while the value of the African territory, where France's colonies are located, was reduced to a minimum. So, when you play with a country that is an enemy of France, it will be a little difficult on the territory of main France, but it will be quite easy for you to invade the rest of France after you drop the main line.

- Added canals and a system for the canals.. (Suez, Panama, Kiel..)
For a long time, many people want the addition of canals such as Suez, Kiel. And we always opposed this, because it would disrupt realism in scenarios before the construction date of the channels.
Like "Being able to cross the Suez Canal in the scenario of the year 632"...
But now you will be able to pass through the channels without disrupt realism.
Conqueror's II v1.2 version will come with 2 maps in it. One map will be called "After 1859" and the other map will be called "Before 1859". (1859 - > Date of Construction of the Suez Canal). On the "After 1859" map, scenarios after 1859 will be found, and on this map you will have the opportunity to pass through the canals.
On the "Before 1859" map, there will be scenarios before 1859, and on this map you will not be able to pass through the canals.
In short, in order to switch between scenarios where you can use channels and scenarios that you can't use, you just need to switch from the game to the other map.

- Improved the background
- Fixed some formable civilizations problems (like need lands from India for form the Yugoslavia)
- India nerfed in WW1, WW2 and Modern World scenarios.
- Nazi Germany buffed in WW2 scenario.

- Added +90 new scenarios
- Added focus trees to some major countries
- Added about 80 new formable civilizations
- Added over 100 new leaders
- Added %0 AI Agrression Feature
- New Formable Civilizations Systems
- About 1500 New Civilizations

- We'll add more formable civilizations systems (like Ottoman, Italy, Greece systems)
- We'll fix some bugs and mistakes
- We'll fix some borders in the scenarios

After all of the updates, we'll release "Conqueror's II - Complete Edition"

As you know, Conqueror's II is an EU4 mod. And when you attack a Holy Roman State in EU4, all the Holy Roman States go to war with you. But the Holy Roman system in Age of History 2 is useless. You can become another country and conquer the Holy Roman States very easily. To break this ease, tomorrow we will introduce the system of the Holy Roman Empire, which we have just added to the game. Conquering the Holy Roman States will no longer be as easy as it used to be. Especially, we will make states that were superpowers of their time, such as the Austrian Empire, stronger. And with this system, if you declare war on a Holy Roman State, All Holy Rome will declare war on you. This system will be more focused on scenario 1444.

We negotiated with Addon+ Creator to use the "Changing leaders with events" (Created by Russian community) feature for Conquer's II and we got positive answers. In Conquerors v1.5 (3rd Update) there is a great possiblity that we will include elections, death of leaders, new leaders taking over etc. features will be added. Keep waiting.

I thank the Russian Community for sharing this feature with us. @Reich













AoC2ModdingTR YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVov6An3mEzP17tLGcZl6g
AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/XXkgg695u4
AoC2ModdingTR Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/AoModding


Aye nice stretched Leaders

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I think it is better to streamline the rankings of the powers in the scenario. When a normal country gets to the top, while the top ranked countries are weaker than the countries of many provinces 

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20 hours ago, JNMS said:



Download the mod, put it in the folder where are all your original game files, unpack mod and replace files. You can also delete game files from folder to have better results, open game from file folder to have the 0% agression features etc. 

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29 minutes ago, Simon Wilford said:

go to map editor > conq2 map > add suggested civs > done

Already did that and didnt work and did it again and it doesnt work?

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On 03.04.2021 at 11:13, ABVPB said:

Bazı nedenlerden dolayı, telefonumun modu indirdiğinden virüs kapabileceğini söylüyor, ancak muhtemelen olmayacak, değil mi? 

no viruses in the mode

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    • By rzg0ld3n
      Ever tired of those bloated mods that say they add 90+ scenarios but they're all a few years apart?
      Ever wanted a mod which spans from ancient history to alt future, without losing that vanilla feel to the game?
      No? Well bad luck! That's exactly what my mod will do.
      The RZ's Extended Timeline mod i've done is based off the mod of same name for EU4. The plan is to create various scenarios spanning from the ancient times to ~2100. These scenarios will mostly be full world maps, NOT small regions. I will use all custom civilizations because it's hard to fix vanilla countries/leaders (Hitler controls communist germany in 1999?? come on!!!!), even if it's very time consuming. It will also add various ideologies and fixes to main game. The mod will use the vanilla AOC2 map with different backgrounds so low requirement/mobile players can still play perfectly.
      Currently Added:
      New Realistic style map (thanks @urdekreiz for the map) 149 new Custom Civ's for all time that the mod covers (yet to add more) 4 new ideologies, (Social Democracy, Roman Government, Valorism, Antifascist) currently planning to add more Reworked Ages  Planned:
      More ideologies More custom civ's Scenarios: At the beginning... (300 BC) Dawn of the World (1 AC) Roman-Parthian War (58)* Pax Romana (117) End of the Romans (335)+ Barbarian Migration (395)* Rise of Islam (637) The Frankish Empire (780) Stamford Bridge Battle (1066) The Third Crusade (1187)* The Mongol Invasion (1206) Rise of the Ottomans (1444) The Seven Years War (1756) The French Revolution (1789) Crowning of Queen Victoria (1836) American Civil War (1861)* World War I (1914) World War II (1936) The Cold War (1947) Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)* Millennium Dawn (2000) New World Order (2045) World War III (2057) Road to 2100 (2062) *: Map of region(s), not entire world
      +: In Development
      ^: Finished
      I will publish pics of some scenarios soon, but the mod won't be finished in quite the time because i'm just 1 person working on it and it's really time consuming.
      Here's Europe from the 335 scenario I'm currently working on, any suggestions are accepted:

    • By İmperial Sealand
      This mod is a mod which is related to MEIOU & Taxes mod of Europa Universalis IV.
      Huge mount of Formable Nations with formable systems
      Lots of Events for scenarios with events
      A unique map with MEIOU & Taxes provinces
      lots of Leaders
      New Ideologies with Familial systems
      -Charles IV's Golden Bull (no events)
      -Charles IV's Golden Bull (with events)
      -Rise of Ottomans (1444) (no events)
      -Rise of Ottomans (1444) (With Events)
      Maybe some more scenarios in future but We can't promise right now
      Provinces: All of Europe, Africa and Half of Asia
      Ideologies: 0%
      Ages: 100%
      Scenarios: 0%
      Formable nations: 0%
      Events: 0%
      UI: 0%
      if you have any suggestions or questions, you can contact me on discord (  Empire of Sealand#3901 )
      Developers: @Simon Wilford @İmperial Sealand @BarışMançocu
      Special thanks to (Credits):
      - @Kerems2434for allowing us to use his formable nations system idea
      - @Mkaand @urdekreizfor making background
      - @Italian PeCfor allowing us to use his event trees idea
    • By RetroCube
      Hi !
      Today, I decided to download conqueror's 2 mod , The Download & Extracting Went Smoothly ! , But When I run the Aoc2.jar In CMD & The Loading reaches 99% , The Game crashes & I Get This :
      AoC2: getFileNames: game/leaders/ Exception in thread "LWJGL Application" java.lang.NullPointerException at age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.Game.loadScenario(Game.java:2143) at age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.Menu_InitGame.loadAssets(Menu_InitGame.java:352) at age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.Menu_InitGame.access$000(Menu_InitGame.java:24) at age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.Menu_InitGame$1$1.run(Menu_InitGame.java:59) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.executeRunnables(LwjglApplication.java:259) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.mainLoop(LwjglApplication.java:210) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication$1.run(LwjglApplication.java:126) Please Help !
    • By Kerems2434
      Conqueror's II / What if Trotsky Becomes Leader of USSR? (DETAILED SCENARIO)
      One of our modders, @İmperial Sealand, has designed a new scenario for Conqueror's II.
      This scenario is about "What if Trotsky Becomes Leader of USSR?". This is a really detailed scenario.
      There are 93 events in this scenario. So if you love play the game with events, this scenario is a good choice for you.
      With Lenin's death in 1924, the Soviet Union was shaken, and many Politburo members did not know what to do. Finally, in 1925, Trotsky took over with the support of the Red Army and students, but there were too many names in the Politburo that opposed him. Trotsky had to be careful.
      In Germany, the German Social Democratic Party cooperated with the Communists against the incoming Nazi threat, and in 1928, with Trotsky's support, the Communists came to power in Germany and drove the Nazis out of the country. After communist rule, the monarchists captured Prussia and established the Kingdom of Prussia.
      The Nazis came to Austria and formed a party and came to power in 1932. They then formed an Axis alliance with Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. In addition, the Nazis had secret organizations in Switzerland and Germany.
      In Italy, the Communist Party staged a coup led by Mussolini and waved the red flag.
      France, on the other hand, was going through a very turbulent period, and the Communists were getting stronger every day.
      Spain, like France, was in a turbulent period.
      In Brazil, there was a communist coup.
      In Asia, Japan-China tensions were about to turn into a war.
      The states of Czechoslovakia and Galicia, on the other hand, were experiencing tensions with the Axis powers.
      In the same way, Hungary, Bulgaria and the USSR claimed rights on the territory of Romania.

      @İmperial Sealand
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