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Conquerors Visual/Background Enhancement mod! (Requires Conquerors II)

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Hi, I played the Conquerors II mod and wanted to improve the graphics, so I made a background and font mod for Conquerors II

Open "Map_Mod.rar"  with WinRAR or any other software that can open .rar files

Then Drag and drop contents of Folder into Conqueors II directory.

Version 1 Download (Less Terrain)

Version 2 Download (More Terrain)

Version 3 Download(More Vegetation)

Version 4 download (Newer)

Victoria 2 Background Mod (Version 5)

Version 6 (Favourite)

Version 1 (Less Terrain)







Version 3 (Vegetation, EU4 Style)



Version 4: (Picture Below)20210211191133_1.thumb.jpg.2d61c82e1ab55666272929ee32e8fe85.jpg

Version 5


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    • By Nationalism Is Strength
      A graphics mod i made for Conquerors II
      Make borders thinner. Adds colour palletes (EU4, Victoria II palletes) Adds EU4 and Victoria II-Like backgrounds New font Removes Rivers Might Add
      More Background Formable Nations in EU4 and Victoria II (Super Germany, Spain, Rûm, Great Britain, Hindustan, Persia, Russia, Germany, Christian Arabian Empire, Arab Caliphate, Holy Roman Empire, Rome, etc Instructions to Install
      1. With WINRAR, open the two Graphics pack folders. Highlight all (except for the ".." above 'game') or just use any other software that can open RAR files.
      2. Rightclick, and use Extract to specified folder option. Then extract it to your conquerors II directory.
      3. When it asks you "replace all" press yes to all option.
      4. When its finished extracting. go to " > map >
      5. You will see a folder called "EU4 (Change to Just .EU4. and  make the other EU4 file name to just .1". First. Change the original folder called "EU4" to a different name like 1 or anything other than "EU4"
      6. Change the folder called "EU4 ((Change to Just .EU4. and  make the other EU4 file name to just .1))"     TO JUST "EU4"
      7. Start up the game or go to map > backgrounds folder and pick any of them. remember to change background names to EU4_L or EU4_R
      And remember to Backup your original conqueors II file incase anything goes wrong or you dont like it

    • By Tolo02
      AGE OF STAR TREK (Alpha release)
      Hi! This is my very first Mod for Age of History 2 and it's about the Star Trek Universe.
      Download link (PC): https://www.mediafire.com/file/tvgzr17jte7fr21/Age_of_Star_Trek.rar/file
        Download link (Android):https://www.mediafire.com/file/o0nkqph6moh69r9/Age_of_Star_Trek_icon.---/file
      note: make sure to have the UI scale set to 1 else the graphics won't work.
      The Mod adds to the game:
      New Map of the Milky Way with 1796 provincies + Wonders New Civilizations from the Star Trek universe + Leaders New Terrains  Accurate Scenarios STAR TREK GRAPHICS  New Music  New Star Trek Fonts New Events This is the alpha release and the mod will be further expanded in the next months. Since this is my first attempt I would be glad to recive reviwes and comments from you that could help me in further development.

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      TaDziK Flag Effect.rar
    • By Boblik
      LPM is a portrait overhaul mod, meaning I'm going to redesign every portrait in the game, including future portraits.

      Mostly because I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Maybe also to give to this community and to the game lol.

      Sure, go ahead. Use every portrait you wish, all I request for in return is credit.

      LPM is currently still in development, I am just one chap after all, but it's okay, you don't have to waste your time helping me lol.

    • By Hiking1
      Meanwhile i was recruiting troops, the name of the province Brighton started to glitch [see pic 1], if i stopped dragging the bar the name doesn't suffer nothing [ see pic 2]
      pic 1
      pic 2
      [Offtopic: about the war, yes i won]
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