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PL:Chciałbym podać sugestie którą można by było dodać do gry. Mianowicie chodzi tu o ranking globalny armii naszego państwa na przykład jak jest ranking ekonomi na świecie tak mógłby być taki ranking wojska/armii 

Powiedzcie co myślicie o tym pomyśle.

ENG:I'd like to give some suggestions that could be added to the game. Namely, it is about the global ranking of our country's army, for example, as is the economy ranking in the world, it could be such a military / army ranking

Tell me what you think about this idea

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    • By Rico Rodriguez
      Hi. I was trying to find the new update in internet but I can't. I buy the game from steam and update game on it. but it crash badly all the time. but the older version is working perfectly. if anyone have the original game file or even the setup, I would be thankful if you share it with me. It's two day I can't play this game and I'm getting crazy 🤪 
    • By Dyndyk Dudun
      I think everyone is faced with the fact that if you miss 40 recruits and they will travel all over your country I understand how to solve this problem, but I do not know where the files with the settings of the armies are located if you know where please help
    • By WorldStadiums
      I need your help, is that I have run out of ideas to create new scenarios, I want to create something relatively new, but the ideas that occur to me have already been made, so I would need if someone could give me an idea
    • By Cayo
      Financing a war
      In this new diplomatic option, we allocate part of our earnings per round to finance a country at war. This would bring the game closer to the reality of today, where the world powers, finance separatist or military groups in their respective wars. For example: the support of the great powers (USA and Russia) in the Syrian Civil War.
      Instead of leaving our divisions standing in the capital or at the border without doing anything, we could send them to train! It would work like this:
      The cost of maintaining the army in training will vary depending on the number of soldiers it contains.
      0 - 1000 soldiers: 1% 1000 - 1500 soldiers: 1.5% 1500 - 2000 soldiers: 1.75% 2000 - 3500 soldiers: 2% 3500 - 6000 soldiers: 5% 6000 - 10,000: 10% 10000> X: from 10,000 soldiers, the value will increase by 1.25 times for every 1000 soldiers. Ex: 11000 soldiers = 12.5%  - Every 10 training rounds, the army's attack and defense bonuses will increase by 1%. That is, if the division is training 20 turns, the attack and defense bonuses will increase by 2%.
       - If you join armies with a different training level, you will lose an X value based on the difference in their training level. Ex: 1000 soldiers (+ 4% ATK / DEF) + 1000 soldiers (+ 5% ATK / DEF) = 2000 soldiers (+ 1% ATK / DEF)
      Naval Lock
      I don't need to say much, the name of this sub-title says it all. But in order not to leave this part blank I will write what it would be like.
      When making a naval blockade, the area that is blocked will receive a 5% penalty in generating coins.
      Land bonuses and penalties
      Correct me if I'm wrong, but the terrain only gives bonuses and penalties on defense, correct? Well then. In addition to the bonus and penalty on defense, there should be the same for anyone who is going to attack.
      It does not help if the defender has 10% defensive bonus and the attacker has his attack normalized. So it would look like this:
      Mountains: defense bonus: 10% / attack penalty 10% Jungle: defense bonus: 10% / attack penalty 10% Heaps: Defense bonus: 5% / Attack penalty 5% Plains: defense penalty: 5% / attack bonus: 10% I don't remember all the biomes
      I will not be demanding. I don't want generals with personalized names or images (like in EU4 or HOI4), just something simple: generals based on the level of stars.
      There will be a total of 5 levels of generals (1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars) and the bonuses should be for attack, defense, army maintenance and speed (movement cost per turn). The bonuses and their level will vary according to the general's star level. So that I don't have to write anymore, I'll be very practical: this part will be like in EU4.
      The general will have a cost; this cost is your salary.
       1 star: 200 coins  2 stars: 500 coins  3 stars: 1000 coins  4 stars: 1500 coins  5 stars: 2500 coins * = It will not be necessary to pay an immediate amount when recruiting.
      And so as not to be a mess, where we will not be able to identify the generals, there must be a window - which will appear as soon as we recruit them - where we can freely name them.
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