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12 hours ago, Varguista Anônimo said:

Nice!But i think you could should Put Terrorist Organization for ideolgy if you don't think if this type of goverment wil destroy the mod principle

this type of goverment wil destroy the mod principle

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1 hour ago, Illyrian Mapping said:

Would you be so kind do add greater Albanian claims?

Albanian Vilayet - Wikipedia
Boris Malagurski on Twitter: "Your advocacy for the extreme nationalist &  expansionist project of Greater Albania shows that your mind is poisoned.  Those who fought for your sick dream were designated terrorists
File:Flag-map of Greater Albania.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Thanks a lot! And I hope this mod improves.


Why great albania kosovo is Serbia form Great Serbia

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For a long time I have been developing the so-called "Lite" map, but right now I consider it necessary to tell you about it. The concept of the map is trivial: to optimize and make the game more comfortable on weak devices and phones, because in the scenarios on the main map the number of provinces already exceeds 4800+, and the number of states in the scenarios exceeds 850+.

On the Lite map itself, there will be about 2200 provinces, and the scenarios are more conventional.

I can estimate the degree of readiness of the map at 65% (Almost all provinces are ready in the editor, but they have not been worked out in the game yet).

The map will not be included in the first version of the mod, but will be added in updates.


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