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    • By Chairman Baad
      Here it is, my next AoH2 project. With this one, I'm focusing on improving content from the base game instead of adding new stuff. Basically anything that I think should be fixed or changed will be in this "mini-update". However, there will be no new scenarios, provinces, formables, etc. My goal is for this to become a base for all future mods, so I believe that other modders should provide new content themselves.
      That being said, here's what I will do with the game:
      Correcting the capitals in all scenarios. More leader portraits. (this isn't off-limits since it's part of improving the existing leaders) Gandhi will be removed since he never actually led India. Plus this game doesn't have nukes. Civ names will appear in white. Bug fixes. NOT TAKING SUGGESTIONS - ALL SUGGESTIONS HAVE BEEN CLEARED
    • By Kingpvz
      Helo thare! I started to make a map in AoH2 called alavida. Don't forget to follow and share your thoughts in the comments!
      I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update!
      Support me on patreon please (click here)
      PROVINCES: 2565 
      NATIONS: 75
      SCENARIOS: Test Scenario; 2021; 2013; Venostanian Civil War; Mauritovanian Civil War; 1518; Stanovia; First Alavidian War 1946; Poprattian Civil War

      Update 6/18/21 (DoH 20)
      Happy 20th day of history! To celebrate this, I've made the first alavidian war scenario which you can check below! It's a bigger scenario that took me a lot of time and considering it's only the first part it is making me redecision everything lol; also the poprattian war scenario is broken somehow, when you open it it crashes the game not sure why
      Update 6/11/21 (DoH 19)
      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a great day to be alive! lol; I updated the test scenario (Testing purposes) and made new nations - stanovian countries and started with the scenario. I did not have much time so I did not finish it, I hope next week will be better lol
      Update 6/4/21 (DoH 18)
      UwU scenarios are here! 2021 scenario is the one with nations i posted a lot time ago, 2013 is before mass independence and 1518 is some history one. Yes, I know there is french empire that got to exist 200 years later, ignore that pls lol
      Civil war scenarios are less interesting but whatever
      I plan to add 2 alavidian wars (1946-1947, 1979-1988) but don't have the nations yet lol
      Well enjoy this info, i may release this "mod" after summer holiday ^^

    • By Chairman Baad
      ...the community promises to me that they will let me work at my own pace. All I wish for is to be comfortable with how I'm working. Not only do I have my own life issues to tend to, but I also have a handful of projects outside of AoH that I have to manage as well, so I can really only focus on one thing at a time. If I'm getting tons of requests to release updates or new stuff, then that'll seriously stress me out. And I don't care if custom content for AoH2 isn't worthwhile anymore.

      UNLESS you promise me that you won't push me to make new stuff or do anything besides release a hotfix, I won't ever feel happy about making the TCBC mod again. But if you let me work how I want to work and live how I want to live, then I shall return from Mod Hell. That is all. I await your response, dear players.
      TCBC has returned to its roots: not as a mod, but as a Collection. Even with no mod to back my new creations, the ideas of the Collection will persist.
      Just now, I realized that even with the TCBC mod gone, I still had my original set of civs and scenarios that I released separately. That set of civs and scenarios was the reason I created the TCBC mod to begin with, not to mention it's still around for people to download. So in raising awareness for my old standalone releases, I really had nothing to lose. That's why I'm making this post: to show to you that these old releases are all that is left of the Collection, and the mod.
      To view the Collection, you can either click here or click on the tag that says the chairman baad collection. As for the TCBC mod, I leave you with one word: unless.
    • By rzg0ld3n
      Ever tired of those bloated mods that say they add 90+ scenarios but they're all a few years apart?
      Ever wanted a mod which spans from ancient history to alt future, without losing that vanilla feel to the game?
      No? Well bad luck! That's exactly what my mod will do.
      The RZ's Extended Timeline mod i've done is based off the mod of same name for EU4. The plan is to create various scenarios spanning from the ancient times to ~2100. These scenarios will mostly be full world maps, NOT small regions. I will use all custom civilizations because it's hard to fix vanilla countries/leaders (Hitler controls communist germany in 1999?? come on!!!!), even if it's very time consuming. It will also add various ideologies and fixes to main game.
      Currently Added:
      New Realistic style map (thanks @urdekreiz for the map) 149 new Custom Civ's for all time that the mod covers (yet to add more) 4 new ideologies, (Social Democracy, Roman Government, Valorism, Antifascist) currently planning to add more Reworked Ages  Planned:
      More ideologies More custom civ's Scenarios: At the beginning... (300 BC) Dawn of the World (1 AC) Roman-Parthian War (58)* Pax Romana (117) End of the Romans (335)+ Barbarian Migration (395)* Rise of Islam (637) The Frankish Empire (780) Stamford Bridge Battle (1066) The Third Crusade (1187)* The Mongol Invasion (1206) Rise of the Ottomans (1444) The Seven Years War (1756) The French Revolution (1789) Crowning of Queen Victoria (1836) American Civil War (1861)* World War I (1914) World War II (1936) The Cold War (1947) Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)* Millennium Dawn (2000) New World Order (2045) World War III (2057) Road to 2100 (2062) *: Map of region(s), not entire world
      +: In Development
      ^: Finished
      Here's Europe from the 335 scenario I'm currently working on, any suggestions are accepted:

    • By mimida21
      i have seen ones with middle east already,  but like, there ain't the other ones, you know: The African one.
      so i made a scenario featuring only countries from middle east and north Africa only.
      you're welcome.
      note: and no, i ain't feature any European country cause of refugee crisis and dumb jokes, this is a pure, accurate version of the Arab world, i made this for fun, not politics
       may 19 update: i wastelanded one provinces and give 4 more for turkey, should be accurate now. 
      may 25 update: i made three new scenarios, one about fascism vs communism, two about world war 1 and 2.
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