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Dev Log [since 13/12/2020]

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I'm thinking of putting out a small update soon. That Western Australia thing is really starting to bother me, and I've already fixed it with a micro-province. Plus I want to replace the "leader" of Bosnia. Does "Austrian diplomat serving as High Representative" sound like a leader to you? No? Well that's Valentin Inzko for ya. And Wikipedia misled me on him. Damn it!

But anyway. I added a player-only Baltic reintegration event to Sovereign. This is part of a new mechanic which I call "scripted actions". Basically, a nation can now have two types of player-activated events: decisions, which are triggered through a Decision Menu and are usually a chain of events; and objectives, which are triggered by actions during normal gameplay. This is an objective which is triggered by boosting relations with a Baltic nation to +20. After improving relations to that point, you get an opportunity to either:

1. Fully integrate the nation into the New Union,


or 2. Establish an alliance with said nation.


I'm also working on political parties. There are 3 parties mentioned in the latest version of the scenario, and there will be some scripted stuff for them later.

But yeah, that's all I wanted to say for now. Happy Conquering!

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