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TCBC 1.1.0a "Dev Diary"

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Hello, everyone! After around two long weeks of work, I am proud to announce that TCBC 1.1.0a is now live for PC and Android players! Let's go over what 1.1.0a brings to the table.

TCBC 1.1.0a 'No Fear, No Pain'

Major Additions

  • By popular demand, Pop Culture Deluxe has been merged with this mod. All scenarios and civs from PCD have been added. (7 scenarios and 22 civs)
  • New non-PCD scenarios: 1962: Round House, 1990: The Turnover, Sovereign (includes 5 events), Dementopia (includes introduction)
  • Two new formables from P.I.
  • Ported the Europe map to Android
  • Spanish and Russian localization (courtesy of @LightStarSkies and @Adil respectively)

Minor Additions

  • New province for the District of Columbia
  • Added Annapolis (Maryland's proper capital)
  • Several new civilizations
  • New loc for Binjpipe Planet events
  • Updated all non-English loc to 1.0.2a
  • New flag for Comoros (Islamic Republic)
  • A few more pieces of loading text
  • Picture for "do not save" notifications
  • Macedonia civ for scenarios set before the name change

Bug Fixes

  • Several localization fixes
  • Added a couple missing civ info links
  • The continents and regions now have the right provinces
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with some nations' flags
  • Corrected Winstion Churchill
  • The flags of the nations from 2036: Bloodbath now display properly for Android players

Scenario Fixes and Changes

  • Blorgonian invaders will now automatically declare war again after a truce ends (Binjpipe Planet)
  • Assigned Kherson to the USSR (C&C: Red Alert 2)
  • The MEC is now at war with the EU by default (Battlefield 2)
  • Set cores in the rebel and insurgent territories (Battlefield 2)
  • Added the District of Columbia civ (United States)
  • Edited all scenarios to account for the D.C. province
  • Updated the Jennifer Government scenario with a relevant Wikipedia link
  • Adjusted all non-vanilla historical scenarios for accuracy
  • The civs in the "mini-scenarios" are now actually at war

Other Changes

  • All in-scenario alliance names now support localization
  • Uniting Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska now forms Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Changed all missing event text to "placeholder text"
  • Brazil is now a formable for the Brazilian states

Lovely stuff! And of course a big thank you to everyone who is currently helping with localization into other languages.

But anyway, that's all for now! See you all in the next update!

Edited by Chairman Baad

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