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Zapraszamy! Pracuję nad mod dla Eurazji i Afryki Północnej. Koncentruje się na Azji Wschodniej (Chiny, Japonia, Korea), Indie, Persja, Europa Zachodnia, Rusi, Skandynawowie. Chciałbym poznać poglądy społeczności AoH2. Pierwsza wersja próbna będzie dostępna wkrótce.

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Po pierwsze, przepraszam za mój polski, jestem łaciną i nie wiem nic o polskim, więc robię to w tłumaczeniu Jeśli chodzi o mod, byłby interesujący, który nie jest naprawiony tylko w Europie i tylko w niektórych częściach Azji Więc masz moje pełne wsparcie w tym modzie Mam nadzieję, że ta wersja próbna wkrótce będzie XD

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    • By WorldStadiums
      Hello, forum people, today I bring you a scenario which I really wanted to do, this is, as you already saw in the title, a ww1 scenario.
      I already know that there are MANY scenarios of the event, but in my opinion, I feel that those scenarios are missing things, for that reason, I decided to make one myself.
      Currently, Europe and Africa are completed, but only Europe is available for download, in the next update (which would be version 2.0) would come Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
      What does the BETA version bring?
      Scenario of Europe as of January 1, 1914 Diplomacy as realistic as possible New civilizations with the correct flags What is planned to be added to the future?
      Full world map Almost all the leaders of the time The correct flags for each country Events about World War I and about some other things  
      I ask that if you notice any errors in the scenario, please tell me, so that the scenario improves and is completely accurate.
      Images of the Beta version of the scenario (Europe only)

      Images of Africa (Available in the next update)

      BETA download link
      The Great War Scenario Beta.rar
    • By MistakenTech067
      With the complete defeat of Russia to Napoleon, and her complete defeat on land, Britannia was forced to sign an armistice with France.
      Henceforth, Napoleon now has a tighter grip on the European continent than ever before.

      (Map is from @Lipark Japanese modder, he has given me permission to use it. Make sure to check him out.)
      Freedom Arises plans to be a modification of AOH2 in its complete entirety, bringing a new scenario and a horde of events, civilizations along with it. 
      So far it is far from completion, with it's map itself unfinished along with the events. 
      Q: When will this be released?
      A: Somewhere along this year, most likely between 2-7 months.
      Q: How much events will this have?
      A: Can't estimate at the moment, but key events would include another coalition war, terror in the Balkans, the Russian Civil War, (possible) Liberation of Germany, etc.
      Q: Are you accepting beta testers?
      A: Not at the moment, no.
      Q: Will this get cancelled?
      A: Possibly delayed, but certainly not cancelled.
    • By WawsCraft
      So i made a ww3, and almost every country in the world is fighting, and i was expecting a major difference in korea peninsula, but, this happens instead.
      As you can see, china and russia is in a very bad conditions, but, korea, are you kidding me?

    • By Schattie4585
      I really want to make a big map of Mongolia and the areas around it. I am also working on the "Age of Far East" mod, but I want to start another project on the side because I really want to do it. The main core of this map will be in Mongolia. There will be other countries like China, Russia, North Korea and Kazakhstan. I can tell you in advance that the borders will not be perfect but I will give my best. I will put most of the effort into Mongolia, as it is mostly just about Mongolia. Other places like Burjatia or Tuva will play a big role. This map will be about the history of Mongolia. From early antiquity to modern times ... The main things will be set in the 12th century when the Mongol Empire was great. Progress: 2619 Provinces
      China : 75%
      Gansu : 100% (132 Provinces)
      Tianjin : 100% (19 Provinces)
      Xinjiang : 100% (500 Provinces)
      Qinghai : 100% (49 Provinces)
      Beijing : 100% (50 Provinces)
      Ningxia: 100% (14 Provinces)
      Inner Mongolia : 30% (246 Provinces)
      Heilongjiang : 100% (86 Provinces)
      Hebei : 100% (101 Provinces)
      Liaoning : 100% (124 Provinces)
      Shaanxi : 100% (16 Provinces)
      Shanxi : 100% (53 Provinces)
      Jilin : 100% (55 Provinces)
      North Korea : 100% (42 Provinces)
      Kazakhstan : 100% (105 Provinces)
      Russia : ? (2 Provinces)
      Mongolia : ? (1021 Provinces)
      I have planned much more provinces for Mongolia. I think there will be only 2000 Provinces for Mongolia and much more for the other parts.
      I'm sorry if my english isn't the best. I'am from DEUTSCHLAND!!!

    • By Japanese Scenarios
      Xibei San Ma
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