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TCBC 1.2.0a Dev Diary

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Welcome to the dev diary for The Chairman Baad Collection version 1.2.0a, codenamed Count Zero! I have returned from a long hiatus and made many changes, fixes, and improvements over the past week. In fact, this update was originally supposed to be either 1.1.0b or 1.1.1a, but the changes I've made are so great that I'm calling this a major update. Let's quickly go over the changes, shall we?

The AoH1 map in 1.2.0a has been vastly improved upon! I have set up terrain types, growth rates, and regions for the map. I have also added some formables that require more than just a few provinces. Now you can experience the nostalgia of the AoH1 map and the enhancements of the main map together!


My next major addition to 1.2.0a involves leaders! I have added every leader from the present day to the mod, bringing more than 150 new leaders to the game! From the major regional powers such as Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, to the island countries of Oceania and the Caribbean, I haven't ignored a single nation! Starting from 1.2.0a, you'll be able to see all of the modern leaders in the scenario 2020: Modern Day.


I've also added Australia's subdivisional borders to the main map! By splitting Australia's existing provinces, I've created 31 new provinces for the country, making 4301 provinces in total. Splitting the existing provinces will also ensure that any tribal borders in vanilla scenarios will be largely unaffected by these changes. There are also some new cities for the area as well as a scenario for Australia's states and territories.


Of course, this isn't all that 1.2.0a will bring, but I like to keep at least a few surprises. I also removed some stuff that I considered to be wasteful. I should note that this update will require PC users to reinstall the mod, and that the new Australian provinces might screw up your saves. Translations will most likely come in a future update since some of my translators have probably forgotten about this mod by now. But in any case, I hope that you'll enjoy this update when it comes! I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all!

Until then, Happy Conquering!

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