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    • By Shop_Soy
      Welcome to Shop Soy: Der Kalter Krieg's official page. SS:DKK is yet another WW2 Axis Victory scenario but with a twist: It's my story, with my characters and my lore. This scenario is heavily inspired in The New Order and Thousand Week Reich mods for HoI4 and was made only for fun, I don't condone noir support any extreme ideologies presented in this mod (With the exception of one: Nationalism).
      -Slightly improved UI
      -A few new ideologies
      -Tons of new leaders and civilizations
      -Lots of events
      -And more (that I'm too lazy to remember)
      Hail Shop Soy!

    • By Vedemy
      Warning : Working only on Sieg Edition and please set 0% Aggresion for more historically gameplay.
      Hello. Finnaly i finished my World War 1 map with events. About the map
      - 95 Civilizations
      - Over 60+ events
      - Real dates
      - Events working untill 1922
      Update list :
      V1.0 - Release.
      V1.1 - New civilizations, New events, Bug fixes, Updated borders, Updated balance.
      V1.2 Updated borders, New events, Bug fixes, Railway Events
      V1.3 New events, Updated balance
      If you found some bugs or something like that please tell me about it in comments. 🙂

    • By Hhskksjsjs
      Привет! Помогите, пожалуйста, сделать карту для мода, буду очень признателен.Hey! Please help me make a map for the mod, I will be very grateful
    • By aocSP
      Hi aoh community, I'm making a mod that make a better aoh, it will have:
      New map (provinces and background)
      New civs
      New cities
      Other maps
      New flags
      Formable nations
      New leaders (Maybe)
      This is the bg for now:

    • By Orhan Eren GR
      Hello !
      This is World War 1 Mod for Gathering Storm mod !
      With Events of course !
      ------WİTH 184 EVENTS !------
      IMPORTANT ! 
                    I didn't add events just to be events. There is a feature to choose a path in events. While AI is always on the historical path, I have                           added alternative routes for you players!
                    And events do not affect your gameplay! Peace treaties, winning the war, losing the war is in your hands!
                    And you know that in the 1936 scenario, there was little army training. I added this feature for ww1 as well!
      And u can play this scenario on Conquerors mod too !
      And play with %20 AI Agressive - %50 Game Speed
      Events on Countrys :

      Germany : 25        
       Italy : 22
      Ottoman Empire : 27 
      Serbia : 5
      Bulgaria  : 2
      Greece : 2
      Montenegro : 2
      France : 19
      Romania : 2
      Austruia : 20
      Russia : 21
      Japan : 1
      United Kingdom : 19
      USA : 18
      Egypt : 3
      Portugal : 1

      V1.5 Update :

      -Fix bugs on events in 1911 scenario

      -And now iam add 1914 scenario (with 60 event !) (but iam reccomand 1911)

      -And mobile version for mobile players !

      V2.0 Update Notes :
      For both mobile and pc :
      -All annex events broken, and iam fix them
      -Japan event fixed
      -Russian civil war fixed
      -In the 1st Balkan War, if the ottoman loses Istanbul, he loses the war (2 new events)
      -2nd. balkan war detailed
      -New colour packet 
      -Fixed the disintegration of the qing empire
      -For mobile players :
      The --- package has been renamed by Emrer Bozkurters (on discord) and you can now play the gathering storm mode at the same time as the conquerors mode! (if i didn't explain please see pictures)

      Download Link for PC :  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s_Bj_3U-YJ7JAWthYCG_WpxKGrOP2CW2/view?usp=sharing

      Download Link for Mobil : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mBa71i6yBazPH4RKZNVWJKSxVj19pkeN/view?usp=sharing
      The Gathering Storm Mod : 

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