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Bloody Europe II | New update

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23 hours ago, DOOMTOHAMMER said:

How Do I change the language from russian? I dont speak it, but thats what it is in and I dont know how to fix it

third option, then first (not map option) and there you choose

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How you do a map? I ask because I do all I watched on a video from this platform but, when a select a scale the game crash

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Trans-Amur said:

How do you like the new graphics?)


Its a joke? U putted province transparency to max

Edited by idiot

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Trans-Amur said:


tmYcnlOd1uo.jpg?size = 1280x606&quality = 96&sign = 50622ac1d4dbce279b703381f419e005&type = album

First, put the new function or remake to the border generation in the UI and make transparency related with border's outline. Like hoi4

まず国境線について新しい関数を定義するもしくは 国境線の生成の関数をいじって UIよりインナーグロウみたいな国境線を提示できるようにし、更に国境線の透明度によって国の色の透明度を変化させます。Hoi4みたいな感じで

HoI4初心者向け] ゼロから始めるHearts of Iron IV – Simulationian.com

Edited by Lipark Japanese modder

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3 часа назад японский моддер Lipark сказал:

Сначала поместите новую функцию или переделайте в генерацию границы в пользовательском интерфейсе и сделайте прозрачность связанной с контуром границы. Как hoi4

ま ず 国境線 に つ い て 新 し い 関 数 を 定義 す る も し く は 国境線 の 生成 の 関 数 を い じ っ て интерфейс よ り イ ン ナ ー グ ロ ウ み た い な 国境線 を 提示 で き る よ う に し, 更 に 国境線 の 透明度 に よ っ て 国 の 色 の 透明度 を 変 化 さ せ ま す .Hoi4 み た いな 感 じ で

HoI4 初心者 向 け] ゼ ロ か ら 始 め る Hearts of Iron IV - Simulationian.com

I decided to make the basis of the next update, changes in the graphic part of the mod and the game in general

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, Trans-Amur said:

These are not entirely new graphics. This is a bug caused by my mistake in changing the game code.

I can show a video with this bug


Welp that sure is epilepsy friendly lol
by the way can you tell us what are you working on currently? I wrote here a lot of things that could be added so i wonder if you consider any of these and what things you are trying to add
EDIT: I mean the things you are doing right now and the things you consider to add in the future

Edited by Poland_in_1939
cuz yes

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    • By WorldStadiums

      Age of Conflict is a mod based on the modern era (1900-present), in which it will be tried to be as exact as possible to the various years in which the mod is based. From completely renewed scenarios of the First World War and the modern world, to completely new scenarios of the Cold War or the interwar period.
      This "Mod" I wanted to do a long time ago, I even published a post in the forum, but due to lack of time I had to delete it ... Now I have a little time to create it, so this time I will not delete it.
      The idea of the mod is completely inspired by Nova Aurora, my goal is to make something as cool as the previously mentioned mod.
      Also, if you have any suggestions for any scenario or if you want to help with the mod (either looking for information or things like that) you just have to tell me
      Discord Server: Coming Soon
      What I plan to add:
      Many new scenarios ranging from 1900 to 2021 Rarely seen new civilizations, from very unknown African tribes to rare vassal states in scenarios New formable nations, mostly fictitious, but there will also be historical. Events in all scenarios New music Correct leaders for each scenario, (European, American and the most important countries of Asia, Africa and Oceania) There are more things that I would like to add, such as a new fund or new provinces, but they are things that I do not think I will add due to lack of time.
      Future scenarios:
      1900 1910 Great War || 1914 1916 Interwar Period || 1919/1920/1921 (Not decided yet) 1930 Chaco War || 1932 World War II || 1936 1940 1942 1945 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 Yugoslav Wars || 1991 2000 Modern World || 2021 (Scenarios such as the Second Sino-Japanese War or the Russian Revolution will not be included separately, as they will be included in the annual scenarios)
      Progress: 2%
      Screenshots: Coming Soon
    • By munastro
      Hello, so I made this because I was inspired by some maps, like the Greater europe map, and province map of europe, link to the map here https://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/156761-a-province-map-of-europe-work-in-progress/. I have made the black sea and some lakes.
      I am using a 16384 x 8192 map of Earth, using the equirectangular projection. I am finishing the coast lines before I start work on provinces, and making the background. Here's what I have made so far.

    • By Latusay
      i've created my first public scenario, hope u liked it.

      I made an better version and its more like modern europe, now its alot better in look. borders are changed and they are more modern too.
      link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1M1MINE31BgicbtPNmLgfaAYvHweOGrMX
      here's a look

      Thank u Soo muchfor 400 Views! wow!
      Check out also my channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCff1jblKSkV9Ui1F3RBV4Sw
      The update 3! Is here:
      Changes: Continent Expansion, Borders changes, new countries! Deleted countries!
      W.I.P Update 4 (EVENTS!) is online but still many things to make! thats why i share for u update 4 already!

    • By Chairman Baad
      Here are two scenarios based on two different maps predicting what two different continents would look like in two different centuries.
      The first is a prediction of what Africa would look like in the 21st century. It is based on this map from 1963.

      The second is a prediction of what Europe would look like in the 20th century. This map was created by French writer Henri Dron in 1863.

      These scenarios come with 3 custom civs: two for Africa, one for Europe.
      Download here: Africa and Europe Predictions.zip
    • By Altra12
      I have made a alternate scenario of Europe and the Middle-East.
      There is also custom alliances for a better gameplay. ( Celtic Union, Aragon Pact, The New Axis...)
      this map is not political, it was just made for fun so dont be annoyed about the existence or the non-existence of a country.
      i love making maps so ask me if you want me to do a custom scenario and i will see what i can do 🙂
      Enjoy !

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