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The Italian Imperial Republic.

The axis won ww2 but Italy fall in an economic and social crisis. In 1958, After Mussolini's death, the Italian Civil War started.

The National Liberation Front or FLN won the civil war in 1962 bringing to a new democratic Italy and declaring It an Imperial Republic, detaching from fascism and racism, the new government would bring a new era of prosperity to the country.


Capital: Rome

Ideology: Organic Democracy

Leader: Giorgio Almirante (not neo-fascist)

Formed by Italy

Countries required:

Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Eritrea, Somalia, Abyssinia, Djibouti, Greece (except for Trace), Kwait, Quatar, United Arab Emirates, Turkey (only bosphorus) all the Island of Cyprus, Switzerland (only Ticino) Nice and Savoy from France.


Ind. State of Croatia, Greece, Italian East Africa, Egypt, Gov. of the Gulf.





Senza titolo.png

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Posted (edited)

Name : Federal Republic of the Guyanas

Capital : Cayenne

Description It is the only country to have French as an official language in the Americas. It shares borders with Brazil to the south, Colombia and Venezuela to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north.

Formed by : Guyana, Suriname. (French guyana if independant) 

Flag : down below

Requiers : also down below




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Name: Hellenic Empire

Description: After the Great war Greece gained a lot of land and won Ataturk at 1921 and gained more land. Helped and given land by the Great powers Greece made the Hellenic Empire

Capital: Costantinopole-Instabul

Leader: Eleutherios Venizelos

Eleftherios Venizelos - Wikipedia








Can be formed by : Greece only

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On 5/8/2021 at 3:51 AM, Lipark Japanese modder said:

Formable Nations
what do you think make game more fun?
i think one of those is Formable Nations!
now im collecting your ideas for our mod "
Hearts of AoH2 Remastered Edition!"
historical, fantastic, alternative, madness, everything ok!
Im planning introduce formale nations in next update. Any languages is ok.

Im looking forward to your interesting ideas!



Nation name; Antilles Federation 

Capital; La Habana

Description; against United State power in  Caribean sea, after cuba revolutuion, they formed confederation.

                      Idea comes from area name.



Required Provinces;


Good luck with

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Posted (edited)

Name : Artigas

Capital : Montevideo

Description : In 1840, Uruguay and the Riograndense Republic (today is part of Brazil) decided to unite to protect them selves from the brazilian threat

Formed by : Uruguay 

Requiers Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul

Flag : down below



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On 5/8/2021 at 7:51 AM, Lipark Japanese modder said:




Nation name; Greater Romanium Empire

Capital; Rome

Description; the Rome never fell and become bigger. They conquest germanic, britania, nova world, africa and asia.

                      Idea comes from area name.



Required Provinces;Greater Roman Empire : AlternateHistory



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Name: Maphilindo
Capital: Jakarta

Description: Basically United Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, East Timor

Formed by: Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia

Requires: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, East Timor, Papua New Guinea (Optional)


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Posted (edited)

Estados Unidos de la Gran Austria

Capital: Viena

El emperador austríaco acepta la propuesta de descrita por Aurel Popovici  en 1906 de crear los Estados Unidos de la Gran Austria, este se llevaría acabo por el emperador Carlos como una forma de mantener el imperio, convirtiéndolo en una federación, la cual sería aceptada por los miembros de la entente. Debiendo que entregar Galicia a Polonia y Ucrania, Transilvania a Rumania, conseder a Serbia todos los territorios que actualmente poseen y dar la independencia a Bosnia. Quedando conformada por la actual Austria, Checa, Slovakia, Eslovenia, Croacia, Hungría y con una monarquía parlamentaria. Los países miembros de la unión aceptaron los términos de autonomía mayor, permaneciendo en esta por la protección que daban el seguir juntos, tanto por lo militar así como en lo económico.

Formando: Territorios actuales de Austria, Checa, Slovakia, Eslovenia, Croacia, Hungría


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Imperio Chileno

Capital: Santiago

Chile no pierde sus derechos sobre la Patagonia, enfrentándose en vez de Perú y bolivia por el norte se enfrenta a la república de argentina haciéndose con la victoria, reafirmando su soberanía sobre el susodicho territorio.



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Name : Federal Republic of America

Capital : Washington DC

Description : This Country is based on the United States from the Fallout lore

Formed by : The whole Area of North America (Excluding The caribean and Central America)

Requires : Mexico, United States and Canada

Flag : 



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Name : Third Russian Empire

Capital : Saint Petesburg

Description : Technically, a greater new Communist Russia

Requires : Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Mongolia, China, The Koreas, Poland, Finland and Alaska

Flag : 

Second Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Flags - Album on Imgur

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Name : Islamic Commonwealth

Capital : Mecca

Description : A union of All Islamic Countries, Flag is based on the Arab League flag and the country is based on the Fallout Lore

Requires : Down Below

Flag : 


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