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I think that either there should be a simple bar that's on the side called technology or something similar to do that. And when it gets opened up I think that there should be something to research. Either just having it go from 1-46 for research or something to determine how efficient a troop might be against another country/nation's troops. Since personally I don't like how if someone has more troops than yours then you just automatically lose. Also that there should be different troops that have an icon representing what it is. Like armored would have a tank or wheel icon and then the standard infantry would have a helmet or maybe the icon changes from technology or time period. Like a knight's helmet around the 1300s or so, then coming to the 1940s or depending on technology it'll change to a soldier's helmet and so on.

Generally just a small change is maybe some work on the water or the borders itself. Because sometimes maybe another country and another one might be bordering with the same colors. But then again we do have the option just to turn on the nation's tag/name to be over it. Which is why I just just wanted to mention this one quickly.
My final suggestion is multiplayer like everyone else has suggested. And I've already tried adding 2 players on it which was kinda fun until we had a union. Then the other player had to go since I was basically in control. My idea is for one multiplayer, but in multiplayer I wish that if a player were to union , that both players if multiplayer is added that they had the option to split apart either peacefully or through civilwar. Obviously the civilwar option being less expensive as my idea would be that splitting apart would also cost some diplo points and some movement. And also if somehow a player were to have a union with one another that they would both have the same control over the same nation but on some bigger decisions would have to make an agreement or not. 

That's all my ideas and please correct me if I made a mistake. Thank you for reading. 

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