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Have you ever wondered Whats Happend if Britain Surrenderer?


Quick ENT.

1941-Germany captured the main airport of the Soviet Union, capturing planes there. A month later, Hitler ordered the new Luftwaffe to bomb London. The British, seeing the Soviet planes, did not open fire, thinking that the Soviet Union wants to help them, but then these planes crashed the British airport in London, actually destroying the British plane, but this is only the beginning, the British, in horror, began to shoot at the aircraft only after a while, which gave the Germans even more time to destroy them. The next target of the Germans was infrastructure and civilian objects. London, in fact, was completely destroyed by several German flights. In the morning.... British government..... he announced his withdrawal from the war,which actually meant surrender.....

1942-the Soviet Union couldn't resist without outside help, and therefore, the Soviet Union made concessions to Germany and reformed their governments, effectively becoming a German puppet. All dissenters of the Republic declared their independence.

1943-1945-in the US due to growing discontent there is a Communist revolution, and several States are disconnected. Canada and Mexico did not like it, and they captured several border areas. The British colonies were massively occupied by neighbouring countries or declared independent. Japan also won the war with China and took part in the British colonies with part of the Russian territories. Axis won...... But not completely......



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