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2 words. Online Multiplayer.

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7 hours ago, Fun said:

Действительно человек действительно. Реклама вашего сообщения на форуме?


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On 1/9/2019 at 1:24 AM, Simon said:


I didnt talk in russian. Heck i dont even know any other language but english.

Edited by Fun

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Guest FriS
On 12/28/2018 at 8:41 PM, steffan said:

Yeah but a question, how would it work, do you have a limited time to do your turn? And if you do, then a player can declare war on you in the last 5 seconds and you wouldnt have time to recruit, and if every player has a separate turn, it would take too long for a turn to pass and when you declare war on someone who has already done his turn, it is simply unfair. Please explain

Take Age of Conquest IV for example they did it pretty good

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Technically you can do hotseat and use some kind of TeamViewer.
If Łukasz won't add multiplayer himself, i'm sure someone will eventually make a MP Mod.

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    • By Shop_Soy
      The Sudetenland in AoH2 is not the most accurate one, and I've seen many people using it in their projects but it simply doesn't look good in my opinion
      Instead of using the provinces bordering Germany I skip a few ones and add one extra one so it looks a bit more accurate
      I just wanted to show it, maibe someone would find ot interesting I don't know 🙂

    • By Mayolis
      I feel like the game is missing something vital. Historical strength of nations. What I mean by this is that power is purely calculated by income and income by how many provinces a civ owns. By adding these starting buffs and debuffs. Here's how they would work:
      Starting buffs and debuffs can be removed by decisions in events or just by time passing. Eexample: Napoleon's France could get a starting buff to soldier attack and defence so they can realistically take on a few countries in Europe easier. They start with the buff in the Napoleonic wars start date and lose it when it's 1821.
    • By Heliosphera
      Hi, so, i don't know how many people will see this and how much it will affect, but I am just here to say that, although I really like the game, I am very bothered by the fact the Mapuche tribe is listed as just "mapuche" in terms of the country's name. This is a problem due to the fact the actual name would me Wallmapu, which is the name that's used by the the people from said tribe that are still alive today
    • By anonymous8
      Add spies, you can send them to another country to get some information like:
      Army size, How much gold they have, How much gold they earn, How much they can recruit etc.
      There is a chance the spy will get caught. But, the weaker the nation, the lower the chance he gets caught. If he got caught the country might decrease relations with you.
      If a country sends a spy to your country, they will get your info and see if you're weak so they can attack you. If your country is strong, they might fail and you get a message that [country] sent a spy to you, then you can decide what to do: send insult, declare war, demand other stuff etc.
    • By StandingTNT
      It's a bit anoying to, let's say, have two French countries, that both have different nationalities. It doesent make sense that France 1 has to asimilate land from France 2. Isn't there any way to make a system like in Victoria 1/2, where every country has accepted cultures. Maybe we could have the ability to make our own cultures, and if we make new countries, we could have the option to asign them accepted cultures. The cores can stay the same, but when we make new scenarios, we could add to each province as many cultures as we think are necesary. Maybe when raising soilders, you could have the option from wich culture these soldiers should be.
      That's my suggestion
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