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vassal foreign policy

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Maybay is possible make difference vassal for "era" more the era are "modern" less libery have vassals in the 1800-today exist puppets

Differentiate subjects:
Taxes: they can pay up to 25% of the money and you can recruit 30% of their recruited populations (active from the first era until 1700-1800). It can not be called in the war but you have to defend it!
Vassal (default): needs no explanation (active until 1700-1800)
Protectorate: provides 50% of the money. has no diplomacy (beginning in 1500-1600 ends in 1800-1900)
Puppet state: provides you with 20% of your research points, 15% of the money and you can recruit up to 70% of your units to 50% of the cost. He has no diplomacy. Automatically change the government with yours. (early 1900)

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    • By mate0426
      Hi! I really like the concept of vassals, but in some cases it is really hard to control them. For example if I have 5 vassals and I want them to be in my alliance it is really hard to make it, or of I want to get provinces from them, I have to annex the vassal. So my idea is to have a ,, full control over vassals" kind of button in the scemario options menu (where u can set the difficulty) and it will make that the vassals get into everything. So they accept every offer of the lords don't matter how bad relation they have. I hope you like my idea, and thanks for an amazing game Lukas.
    • By German Conqueror
      I would like to know how many numbers of an army is required to vassal and annex countries, like small, midsized, and large countries. That would be great if you could give me advice 🙂
    • By PhpGames
      I am new to the game and I don't know how to create a vassallo and I wanted someone to help me ^-^
    • By LoginGamer
      Altough I quite like the current vassal system with the tribute that has to be paid each round, I think it could be a bit deeper.a good refference for the new vassal system would be Hoi4 together for victory, in which the vassals have different levels of autonomy from their master.
      Example levels for aoc2:
      -Dominion: able to call vassals into wars, but they can deny the request. and a samll tribute would be paid
      -puppet/satellite: vassal is forced to join the master's war. the master is able to build farms,workshops etc. in pupptets territory and a larger tribute would be paid.
      -integrated puppet: vassal is forced to join the master's war. the master is able to build farms,workshops etc. in pupptets territory and a great tribute would be paid.
                                       the master can also controll the puppets army and is also able to disband them.
      changing their levels of autonomy could work in two ways
      1. the master can spend gold in order to slowly reduce the autonomy level of the vassal similar  to hoi4 with autonomy bars. the vassal could gain autonomy by spending gold or helping the master in wars.
      2. the master can spend gold and the autonomy would be instantly reduced and the vassal would need to help in wars to increase their level.
      The already established liberty desire of vassals could also be used for the new system.
      the liberty desire would show the increase of autonomy per round examples would be:
      10% liberty desire = 0.1 point increase of autonomy per round
      30% liberty desire = 0.3 point increase of autonomy per round
      50% liberty desire = 0.5 point increase of autonomy per round
      100% liberty desire = 1.0 point increase of autonomy per round
      this is just a suggestion and you could comment what you'd like to improve.

    • By Sojowy_Kotlet
      In Steam I cannot have achievements of create Vasalls (Submission, To dominate, Vassalizator)  because Steam didn't see my Vasals when I create. I get 69% of Achievements and 0 in Vassals. Why??? 
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