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    • By Trans-Amur
      Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

      In these mod is:

      -Giant map of Europe (4434 provinces) + big map of Europe (2637 provinces) + large map of German Empire (937 provinces)
      -Large count of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future
      -New fonts and music
      -Plenty of new civilizations, form civs and union
      -You will see changes in the game code that will change the game significantly
      Actual version - 1.1.3

      What's added in version 1.13:

      • Changed the available speed level in the settings for the start of the game
      • Increased losses from battles
      • Now AI will have a 25% chance to stand up and expect an enemy attack

      • Reduced the cost of assimilation by diplomacy points to 4, instead of 6

      • Increased reduction in war fatigue in peacetime

      • Increased the effects of war fatigue

      • Completely redesigned cities on the main map

      • Reduced the chance of rebels appearing

      • Changed the behavior of AI during the war. Now in wartime, AI will summon more soldiers

      • Now treaties with countries are valid 200 turns

      • Mod translated into English

      • Increased income from bots by 10%

      • Increased the cost of troops to 10 coins

      • Changed the animation time for the ultimatum sending menu

      • Fixed a crash on the map of the German Empire when choosing a scenario

      • Made by nat. perfume for some countries

      • Added the ability to invest all your funds in one province

      • Now in the scenario settings, you can put the mortality of diseases up to -200%

      • Increased the maximum setting for the growth rate of population and economy to 5000% (previously it was 999%)

      • Increased the maximum starting population and economy to a value of 3kk

      • Changes in the mechanics of the environment: Now you do not need to wait 3 turns for the debuff to start, the action starts from 1 turn

      • Fixed a bug in which countries sharply worsened and improved relations with each other

      • Fixed a bug: Now Kazakhstan does not offer vassalization of Russia

      • Fixed a flaw: Turkey and Northern Cyprus do not conclude a union between themselves, the same with Greece and the Republic of Cyprus

      • Fixed the so-called "bug" with the economy 99, now the minimum value of the economy is 150

      • Added even more money and action points in sandbox mode

      • Changes in localization

      • Now AI assimilates a maximum of 40 moves

      • Movement points have been renamed to action points

      • Corrected some connection on the map

      • Extended settings of bonuses for rulers up to 200%

      • Reduced the growth of war fatigue

      • Increased investment effect

      • Now the rulers in the game can change

      • Added 400+ new civilizations ВЂ 100+ new formed nations, many old ones are also reworked

      • Flags of many old nations have been updated due to poor quality

      New scenarios:

      • Feudal Madness - East
      • French revolution

      • Endsieg

      • Alternative world after WWI

      • Age of Vikings

      • Napoleonic Wars

      • Finished scenario Feudal Madness

      Here you can download the new version Version 1.1.3 


      Yandex - https://disk.yandex.ru/d/ZwIwRMxUFLx5aQ

      Google - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xcXBdukvNFQZ3eRi2UXPcPe-JK94bvUr/view?usp=sharing


      Yandex - https://disk.yandex.ru/d/zC4jFKcIeuUtMQ

      Google - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZLZOmd5c-dvS1MqtjPAXhRMwmIzFM0G5/view?usp=sharing

      Installation instructions for the mod:

      move the folder from the archive to the desktop. To start the game, go to the folder and run Bloody_Europe II.jar (there are changes to the game code on the jar).


      1.Download and run the file;

      2. Install as normal game;

      3. (Recommended) Delete the game cache if another mod or original game is present on the device;

      4. Start the game (if the game freezes at 49% load, then turn off the game and start again).

      Have a good game!
    • By MistakenTech067
      With the complete defeat of Russia to Napoleon, and her complete defeat on land, Britannia was forced to sign an armistice with France.
      Henceforth, Napoleon now has a tighter grip on the European continent than ever before.

      (Map is from @Lipark Japanese modder, he has given me permission to use it. Make sure to check him out.)
      Freedom Arises plans to be a modification of AOH2 in its complete entirety, bringing a new scenario and a horde of events, civilizations along with it. 
      So far it is far from completion, with it's map itself unfinished along with the events. 
      Q: When will this be released?
      A: Somewhere along this year, most likely between 2-7 months.
      Q: How much events will this have?
      A: Can't estimate at the moment, but key events would include another coalition war, terror in the Balkans, the Russian Civil War, (possible) Liberation of Germany, etc.
      Q: Are you accepting beta testers?
      A: Not at the moment, no.
      Q: Will this get cancelled?
      A: Possibly delayed, but certainly not cancelled.
    • By aunitydevteam
      the original Europe map from the old game plus map editor download
      -all original Scenarios 
      -Map editor

      Next i will be doing Americas 
      Download PC
      Map editor
      INSTALLER (note that install doesn't make a new folder you have to create a new folder for it)
      Will be available soon to download
    • By Ern and Vaux
      This mod is still being done. You can click on the link below to watch the introduction video!       
      Another mod different from the Turks :)
      Age of History II - Pax Europa (2596/2800)

      Pax Europa is a mod that I have been dreaming of for a long time and started developing 3 weeks ago. The mod will only accommodate the European continent. It will come with about 2800 provinces and tons of scripts. There will usually be scenarios on Pax Europa in years after 1800 accommodate include. The mod will exit to Android and PC. For detailed information, read the information below.                                                                                                                                                                             
      Around New 2800 Provinces New Scenarios New Background New Musics New Sound Effects New User Interface New Ideologies New Civilizations New Leaders New Leader Images 2 Language Option (Turkish and English) New Civilizations Colors Pallets New Wonders



      Credits: UlutasErn
      Announcement Video: 
      UlutasErn Youtube Channel: UlutasErn - YouTube
      Modders' Guide Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FaR6nhXzsh       
      UlutasErn Twitter:  UlutasErn (@ern_ulutas) / Twitter
    • By Ljayxy
      This is scenario 3 World war.zip
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