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    • By DenizMert2008
      A scenario about Ottoman-Mamluk war.
      Scenario file :
      A note :
      I never planned to make this scenario, i was planning a Crimean-Russian war scenario but i forgot the Russian, Ottoman and other European borders so i didn't make it.
    • By Kingpvz
      Helo thare! I started to make a map in AoH2 called alavida. Don't forget to follow and share your thoughts in the comments!
      I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update!
      Support me on patreon please (click here)
      PROVINCES: 2565 
      CONNECTIONS: 3%/2565
      NATIONS: None
      SCENARIOS: None

      Update 5/7/21 (DoH 14)
      Hello! I decided not to stop DoH from existence lol; I made a lot of connections as well as a lot of other stuff (sea provinces, continents and regions) but then I decided to make some army box fixes and the game crashed. Now I can't open it so if someone knows the solution, pls tell me lol

    • By Pakek_Gaming
      I just started making my own mod on age of history II, so I created this post. There could be a lot of idle chatter here, but let's get to the point:
      So far, only one scenario (with events) will be in fashion, but scenarios may be added soon. I donÔÇÖt know how many provinces there will be, but the cards may be added in the future.
      Different ideologies
      My own country flags
      Here come the first successes! the map is made at 50% and it remains a little to refine it. While I was doing it, I thought about the lore of mod and the semantic part. The mod will describe the centuries of feudalism, when there were no single huge countries, but only small scattered counties and baronies. We will also be accompanied by various cults that worship the dark forces, so maybe it's time to start a crusade?))
      While making a map, I hope to finish it soon All the details on mod development in discord: https://discord.gg/26fp47ZhRd

      The New / Latest Version Of Bloody Europe ll Mods / Super Update
      Giant Europe (4434 Provinces) + Kepler 22B ( 404 Provinces) + PUBG ( 281 Provinces) 
      Total 63 Scenarios
      Plenty Of New Civilizations And  New Variety Flags
      Change Games Forts And Diverse Terrains
      Truth Of New Ages And New Ideology
      New Strength Leaders And 36 Nice Musics
      Change User Interface And Other Minor Updates
      Make The Games Colourful And Interesting┬á┬á­čĆ│´ŞĆÔÇŹ­čîł
      Note-----I Will Change Ages Data In Future
      ┬áFollow In You Tube┬á­čĆ│´ŞĆÔÇŹ­čîł
      If You Have Problem When You Download You Need To Feedback Your Problem In Command
      Download App Only For Android File Size 170MB
      If You Want To Edit The Game Download App Editor Only For Android

    • By AoH2MerezTR
      Bu mod, Hearts of Iron IV Game'den esinlenmi┼čtir. ┼×u anda beta a┼čamas─▒ndad─▒r ve modun g├Ârselleri neredeyse tamamlanm─▒┼čt─▒r. Ba─člant─▒, liderler ve senaryolar d├╝zenlendi─činde payla┼č─▒lacakt─▒r.
      A─č─▒rl─▒kl─▒ olarak II. D├╝nya Sava┼č─▒ senaryolar─▒ olacakt─▒r. II. D├╝nya Sava┼č─▒ olaylar─▒ tarihlerine g├Âre ayarlanacakt─▒r.

      AoH2MerezTR amat├Âr bir ├žal─▒┼čmas─▒d─▒r ilerleyen daha kaliteli ├žal─▒┼čmalar gelecektir.
      AoH2MerezTR amat├Âr bir ├žal─▒┼čmad─▒r, ileride daha kaliteli i┼čler ├ž─▒kacakt─▒r.

      AoH2MerezTR Youtube kanal─▒ ├╝zerinden link payla┼č─▒lacakt─▒r.
      Ba─člant─▒ AoH2MerezTR Youtube kanal─▒ ├╝zerinden payla┼č─▒lacakt─▒r.
      AoH2MerezTR Youtube Kanal─▒ ba─člant─▒s─▒ :┬á https://bit.ly/2Lb4Ufr
      YAPIMCI:┬á @┼×ehzade Kerem
      Reklamcı : @__king_aziz__ 


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