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Hail the South Kaiser! (A Alternate History scenerio, a WW1 scenerio that is not kaisereich)

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Now, some people might think off the bat it's just a kaisereich like scenario. Nope. You are wrong. To put it in "meme" terms it's basicly: What if Austria-Hungary won WW1?
I'm going to post the LORE soon, because this may be really confusing, like why the hell Texas is there? (It's a vassal of the USA) and why does France own some of British Africa? If you're curious for now, just ask me. The start date is 1936.
Download: 1546574416303sefosthw.zip


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So, We start off in 1914 when Archduke Franz Ferdinand is dead. At the beginning it's the same, but one difference: Franz Joseph notices that the military commander is having problems staging attacks, so he fires him. They get a professional on the job, and he is even better then the Germans. Austria Hungary starts having victories after victories, and being better then the Germans. Bulgaria joins still, but there is  very little of Serbia left when they join. The United States joins the war in 1918, seeing that they powers are a threat. but before that, Russia surrenders on the treaty of Kiev. They cede most of there western European parts that aren't mainly Russian, to other natons, mostly Austria's vassals.
They are:
Finland (Independent)
Pskov (Independent)
Livonian Order (Independent)
The Russians also cede some of Latvia and lith to The Germans.
Poland (Vassal of Germany)
Belarus (Vassal of Austria)
Ukraine (Vassal of Austria)
Moldovia (Vassal of Austria)
Crimea (Vassal of Austria)
Circassia (Independent)

The smart Austrian Commander is able to fend off the USA, and France. Paris is finnaly fully occupied/captured by the Germany and Austria on November 18th, 1918, at 8 AM and on the 8th minute and on the 8th second. (hmm that date just seems a little familiar, just a little off of another date.) With this, on March 3rd, 1919, at 3:00 PM The Entente had surrendered. Austria Hungary gained colonies in Africa, With Germany not getting as much lands as Austria. Serbia, Albania and Greace being a vassal of Austria, and Bulgaria only getting Macedonia, and Macedonia.. GREEK MACEDONIA. They also freed many African colonies aswell, but the Europeans still had a bunch of African land.
Right after that happened, The Russian civil war fully went on full-swing. Meanwhile a person named Roman von Ungern-Sternberg (real person) took over Mongolia and Tannu Tuva from Soviet control, and the Tsardom was pushing the soviets. But the war became a stalemate, So they made peace in 1922, With the Monarchists owning everything that was Asia in Russia, and the Soviets owning the European Part, With the Communist stand also.
Just a little after, in 1923, Mongolia decided to declare war on some Chinese Warlord states, that he easily won. They took Inner Mongolia.
On June 3rd, 1923, France struck into civil war. The Commies crushed the French Democrats, that Went to exile in British Africa. The Brits later agreed to sell British Nigeria and other small colonies to Democratic France, in exchange for Carib'  land and some money. The French started conquering new countries that just gained independence, Ghana, Burkina Faso,etc. Togo gained independence from the germans a bit ealier, And when France conquered it, Germany and Austria Hungary demanded them to stop. The French, did.
In 1924, The United Kingdom was kind of in a bit huge shit hole. There remaining colonies, putting in meme words, "not feeling so good" Australia, Canada , New Zealand , South Africa, and India started to rebel. The British were so unstable, that they accepted the treaties, and they became independent. Expect India. There were so many different rebel groups, and people who want different places independent, so the UK was basically like: "Yeah.. i'm just going to leave.." not wanting to deal with the current dumpster fire. What happened? Over 750 warlords/countries came out of India, and Pakistan. Burma was only split into 4 of them, but the rest were, very,very,very,very,very divided. The Mughals came back, in New Delhi, about half of it. Eventually, India did become only around 14 nations.
Then, The Ottomans declared war on the newly formed Oman that just gained independence in 1919. They...conquered it. But the Ottomans, sort of collapsed for a bit. With Iraq, Syria, Isreal, Lebenon, Transjordon, Yemen, and Hejaz becoming independent for a while. The war lasted about 1 year, the Ottomans won, but Yemen and Hejaz gained independence, but shortly joined Nejd in a union.
In 1925, In South America, Venezuela took over some territory from Guyana, because they had claimed that territory before. Also the Boer states of Transvaal and the Oranje Free State gained independence from South Africa after a short rebellion.
In 1926, Nepal decides to declare war on some small remaining states, taking what territory it had before the British invaded Nepal. Also, a man that goes by Kollection Gennaiótita (the last name means "Bravery" in Greek)  in Greece, decides  to try to make Greece independent again... yeah that fails. So him and a lot of Greeks go on some ships to go to a place where they would be safe. Some of them get caught, but they land in Malta, and They make the brits sell a small part of Malta to them, and make a independent Greece on the island.
In 1927, Japan, needing more recources, (again), decided to attack Korea, again.The treaty in 1919 said that Korea should be released, and it was. But China intervened and Japan did surrender, but they did get some of South Korea.
even more LORE coming soon


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Franz Josef had the better mustache, but I don't think Austria-Hungary would be able to hold off the Allies. Austria-Hungary was extremely unstable and would probably collapse

by 1936, even if they won. But I still like a strOnK Austria-Hungary.

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      Contenido Del Mod:
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      Nuevos líderes
      Nuevas ideologias
      Nuevas interfaces
      Nueva musica
      (La portada aun esta en proceso).
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      Welcome to WW1.... The aoc2 game dosent even have a scenario for one of the most interesting time periods in the history of the world. I have fixed that. It will have historical and non-historical event trees.
      Join discord to get more info_ https://discord.gg/eba2D8dynE
      Updates in Beta 1.0
      1. Complete events till 1916- 80% Major Events done
      2. Background- Done
      3.Cores- Done
      4.Add realistic population, economy Done
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      Android- Just use one of the links and download and install the ---



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