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    • By Shop_Soy
      Shop Soy: Der Kalte Krieg聽is an alternate-history scenario that I came up with. Althought some of the characters don't belong to me (I used characters from Nintendo don't judge me) the lore for this mod is 100% mine. The map is also inspired in the Thousand Week Reich and The New Order mods.
      This mod isn't supposed to be taken seriously since it's mostly made for fun and in the end I don't even own many of the characters, I might add an download link for anyone who wants to play it but I don't want to go any further from that (Legal reasons, I don't want Nintendo to sue me or something)
      I also accidentally used some UI from @Aryan聽when I tried to make the map darker, I could try to remove it but I'm scared to break the game so Aryan if you're reading this I'm just sorry, to compensate you from my mistake I would like to tell anyone who's reading this to check out @Aryan's Mods, they are simply amazing.
      If you have any question about the lore feel free to ask in the comments, I'll gladly answer 馃檪聽

      My plans for Der Kalte Krieg:
      >More then 100 events
      >Focus trees for: Germany, Soviet Union, Japan, America, Free France, Burgundy, Gotenland, French State, Mongolia, Dominion of Canada, Korea (both North and South), Sweden, Polish Home Army, India, British India, Italian Empire, Spanish State, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Romania.
      >5 new ideologies
      >New Formable Nations
      >Custom Background
      >More then 100 custom civilizations

    • By Souliousery
      The German Divide (Alpha now available!)
      The German Divide is a mod that I'm making. It's basically a mod where France made the majority of the Treaty of Versailles articles.
      Download link (current version, archive of old versions when 0.2 comes out.):聽https://we.tl/t-KtZG1AhYW6
      Expires in 1 week, temporary link!
      To do:
      Alpha release:
      Finalize map (working on)
      Beta release:
      Add custom leaders
      Add custom nations
      Prepare events
      Finalize lore (planned, lore document will be released when finished)
      I would gladly accept help with designing flags, creating lore and custom portraits!
      Thank you for your time.

    • By zielonek
      dzi艣 przychodz臋 do was z scenariuszem o Erze militaryst贸w kt贸ra by艂a w latach 1915-1928 w Chinach by艂 to okres najwi臋kszego rozbicia chin gdzie poszczeg贸lne regiony tworzy艂y w艂asne pa艅stwa tzw Kliki scenariusz odbywa si臋 w 1924 roku 2 lata przed ekspedycj膮 p贸艂nocn膮. 1924 jest okresem dominacji Rz膮du Peki艅skiego stworzonego przez Klike zhilli (je艣li s膮 jakie艣 b艂臋dy w granicach to przepraszam ale ka偶de 藕r贸d艂o podaje inne granice xD)聽

    • By EdwardofBritannia

      It's 1919, and the war is over.
      With the peace treaty signed, even though it wasn't what the French wanted, they were sure that it was going to聽end the germans, making them pay for what they have done.
      But it was not the case.
      Only some years later, the germans had reastablished their country into one of the major european powers. The french, were envy of what Germany had became. A leading economy, so big it could compare with the US. Not only that, but after striking a deal with Poland, the corridor and Danzig was given to them, in exchange for using the german ports freely.聽
      The russians, after it's civil war, war left only with a small portion of what their empire was. With Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics been independent.
      While that, the British Empire was collapsing, having to deal with rebelions everywhere, and losing money with so much military expending. Not only that, but their dominions were also hit by the weakness of the British Isles.聽
      Now, it's 1936. With a France that is getting ready to revange, a Great Germany and a failing British Empire, what will you do? The world is in our hands..

      (Not enough events (there are about 20), no custom leaders and no diplomatic relations set up until now. Feel free to costumize the scenario, and help with the development by giving feedback!聽馃檪
      (Also, sorry for any mistakes in the texts and events, I'm brazilian). To install, put in the files on: Age of Civilizations II > map > scenarios

    • By zielonek
      Hejka dzisiaj przychodz臋 z scenariuszem o WW1 jednak nie jest to zwyk艂y scenariusz poniewa偶 zawiera on du偶o event贸w
      scenariusz zawiera eventy z聽
      I i II wojn膮 ba艂ka艅sk膮
      Chi艅sk膮 rewolucj膮聽
      rozpocz臋ciem I wojny 艣wiatowej聽
      Dwoma rewolucjami w rosji聽
      zmian臋 stron przez w艂ochy聽
      i wi臋cej聽
      UPDATE 18.06.2019
      Dodano :
      wojn臋 W艂osko-Osma艅sk膮
      wojne domow膮 w chinach聽
      mo偶liwo艣膰 do艂膮czenia do wojny dla :聽
      I przebudowano wojne domow膮 w rosji聽
      UPDATE聽 1.07.2019
      naprawiono kilka bug贸w
      i generalnie uporz膮dkowa艂em pliki聽

      bo ca艂o艣膰 nawet w rarze jest za du偶a聽

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