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Federation of Arizona

nothing wrong here

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2 hours ago, Federation of Arizona said:

yea its addon+

Didn't know that addon+ added religion in the game.

How did they manage to incorporate it into the game mechanics?

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Atheism, christianity, islam... are religions, not "politics".

Ideologies are: communism, socialism (communism and socialism are not the same thing), liberalism, conservativism, radicalism, fascism (commonly not accepted as a normal ideology) and many, many more.

Government types are the things we have in AoC 2 - dictatorships, republics, democracies, monarchies... but it looks like even the game creator mixed up government types with ideologies - communism & fachism are ideologies, not the government types.

USSR was a communist dictatorship, it was ateist because communists hate religion.

Of course, it would be nice to have religions in AoC, wouldn't it?

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4 hours ago, Wizard said:

El ateísmo, el cristianismo, el islam ... son religiones, no "políticas".

Las ideologías son: comunismo, socialismo (comunismo y socialismo no son lo mismo), liberalismo, conservadurismo, radicalismo, fascismo (comúnmente no aceptado como una ideología normal) y muchos, muchos más.

Los tipos de gobierno son lo que tenemos en AoC 2: dictaduras, repúblicas, democracias, monarquías ... pero parece que incluso el creador del juego mezcló los tipos de gobierno con ideologías: el comunismo y el faquismo son ideologías, no los tipos de gobierno.

La URSS fue una dictadura comunista, fue ateista porque los comunistas odian la religión.

Por supuesto, sería bueno tener religiones en AoC, ¿no?

Communism is both an ideology and a policy an economic policy and an ideology of all that and everything is mixed with all atheism is not a nut a religion atheism are donating a religion as a belief an ideology and a policy therefore the Atheism I know not, but there were also Christian communists.

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