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Age of Civilizations
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    • Just started working now. I will take break in saturday and sunday then im going to start again monday-friday.  
    • Not sure about the first one, but for the second one hopefully I think so You could go to the discord and ask.
    • What image size do the flags need to be?  EDIT: It's 27x18 am i correct?
    • Hey NEW UPDATE! 😄 The map has been updated to Alpha 5. Please inform of any error or bug with the Map or Scenarios. Update log:  
    • What if Rapa Nui won WW1? 400: Rapa Nui (Easter Island) was discovered and colonized by Austronesian seafarers. 950: Rapa Nui had taken many of the islands around it, while its rival, the Tonga Empire, which had also been expanding. 956: the Rapa Nui conquered the Tonga empire and had owned most of the pacific islands by this point. 1000: In this century Rapa Nui begins exploring new lands, and also would make contact with the chinese and southeast asian kingdoms. 1100: Rapa Nui discovers New Zealand, and due to the similarities that the Maori and Rapanui languages share, they were able to communicate. They would also share their technology would them and trade various items with the Maori. 1150: By 1150, the Rapa Nui and other polynesian groups wouldve outpopulated the Maori in the northern island, Rapa Nui would now own the Northern Island 1200: Rapa Nui sets up settlements on Papua 1246: Rapa Nui discovers what is Peru, but they think that they have discovered a new island that is inhabited by the Maori, when they try to communicate, it is almost impossible. 1260: Rapa Nui settlements on Australia expand to the entire east coast & Tasmania, All of New Zealand has been colonized 1270: Settlements in Peru expand 1280: Rapa Nui-Cuzco War 1280: Cuzco is conquered 1285: Over the course of when America was discovered in 1246, slowly new diseases are spread to the native population, making the civilizations there weak. 1290: Rapa Nui settlers convince the people of the Chimor Kingdom to join them, the capital of the Chimor attacks the Rapa Nui, shortly after, Rapa Nui armies siege the city and burn it. 1295: South American colonization spreads along the coast 1300: Rapa Nui begins contacting and trading with Japan and some Indian states 1310: Looking to re-establish trade with the rich China, which is controlled by Mongols, Rapa Nui begins recruiting soldiers from all of its colonies 1312: Rapa Nui forms a coalition with Dai Viet, both sharing the same goal of ending Mongol hegemony 1314: Fourt Dai Viet-Mongol War with 140k Rapanui soldiers and 100k Vietnamese soldiers 1317: Stalemate on the Pearl river 1320: Succession crisis in the Yuan dynasty, Chinese revolutionaries begin to rise up, the Dai Viet and Rapanui easily push past the river and occupy most of southern china 1323: Yuan collapses the last of its land is in Mongolia 1330: Rapa Nui gets the islands of Macau, Hong Kong and Hainan, while also getting the Canton region and Shangdong regions 1334: Getting these new territories in China, the economy begins to explode, with traders all across Asia are able to go to chinese ports safely now 1338: While a Rapanui royal family member is in India, he is shocked by seeing a white man and reports back to the Emperor in Hanga Roa 1340: Colonization begins in Central America 1344: The Koori (Australian Tribe) revolts against the Rapanui 1345: Koori Genocide 1360: First official contact between Europeans and Rapanui 1370: First Rapa Nui-Chinese war, Dai Viet stays neutral 1374: White peace signed, with heavy casualties on both sides 1380: Rapa Nui gets Kagoshima as a port city in Japan 1390: A time of peace and stagnation occurs 1420: Rapanui Nui colonization in South America reaches the eastern coast, where Buenos Aires is historically. 1440: Exploration of Africa begins 1445: First Contact with the Ottoman Empire 1447: Castile discovers America, and sets up colonies in Brazil and the Carribean 1460: Castilian-Rapanui Colonial war over Venezuela 1462: Rapanui Victory 1468: Puna Kai Te Vana, the Rapa Nui Emperor, wants to explore the world, and discover the land of the white peoples, 2000 Rapanui men and 150 vessels set off for exploring this land,  1469: Puna Kai Te Vana reaches the Mali Empire and stays there for a few months, learning about how different the African way of life is. 1470: Much of the Mediterranean civilizations are discovered, including: Portugal, Castile, Aragon, France, Sardinia, Papal States, Hungary, Venice, Tunis, Mamlukes, Tlemcen and Morocco. 1500: Christianity spreads to most of the empire, with the emperor himself being one. 1510: 200 year anniversary of the Vietnamese-Rapanui alliance 1540: All of coastal australia has been subjugated 1550: Rapa Nui sets up colony in Malta 1555: Rapa Nui invades Sicily and Naples 1560: Rapa Nui sieges Rome 1590: Most, if not all of Catholic europe forces the Rapanui out of Europe. 1592: Rapa Nui becomes protestant, because of the whole sacking the Papal States thing 1616: Rapa Nui assists Later Jin in defeating Ming 1617: Official Second Sino-Rapa Nui war begins, Vietnam is unable to join the war, as theyve been in a civil war since the 1500s 1636: Qing is proclaimed 1650: Ming loyalists flee to Formosa and form the Tungning kingdom, China is split on the Yangtze river, with Qing in the north. 1652: Rapa Nui is forced to give China autonomy, Creating the Rapa Nui South China Company, R.S.C.C. 1660: Ottomans give Rapa nui a small trading port in Eritrea 1683: Rapa Nui intervenes in the Great Turkish War 1684: Vienna falls 1685: Rapa Nui-Ottoman alliance proclaimed 1700: Castile and Rapa Nui agree on Brazillian borders 1710: Rapa Nui intervenes in the ongoing Vietnamese civil war 1715: Vietnam is unified 1759: Lease on Eritrean port ends. 1770: A time of peace and prosperity begins for Rapa Nui 1808: Spain switch sides in the Napoleonic wars 1809: Napoleon invades Spanish Brazil, Rapa Nui joins the war for the sake of its colonies: With Rapanui help, Napoleon is forced out of Brazil, Rapa Nui would also officially join the Fifth Coalition Vietnam also joins the Fith Coalition. Rapanui sends 200k soldiers to Spain and 50k soldiers to Austria, Madrid is soon retaken by Spanish and Rapanui forces. 1809: Austria surrenders 1810: Spain, Portuguese and Rapanui forces make the French have to retreat to the border and the mountains. 1812: Russia, Austria and Prussia attack Napoleon 1813: Napoleon is defeated 1814: With the Napoleonic wars out of the way, Rapa Nui invades Spanish Brazil and New Spain 1817: The Second Spanish-Rapa Nui War is over, Brazil is freed and made a Rapa Nui puppet-state and Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas are freed independently. Central America is freed from Rapa Nui rule and The minor Carribean islands would be annexed 1824: Another period of status quo 1846: Rapa Nui intervenes in the Mexican-American war, as they still have great influence over them 1847: Treaty of Laredo signed, Texas is annexed by Mexico. 1857: America begins to noticeably collapse 1861: With the CSA declaring independence, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, Oregon, and the Sioux all declare independence from the USA 1863: CSA wins the civil war 1884: Germany didn't focus on colonizing, they didn't get anything in the Berlin conference 1900: Colonization of Papua finishes, after 700 years. 1904: Rapa Nui, Brazil, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire, Vietnam, Jabal Shammar and Abyssinia sign a pact of defense of any wars to come 1914: Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, Austria sends alot of demands to Serbia, Serbia denies, Austria declares war on Serbia, WW1 begins 1915: Germany doesnt focus on the western front and invading Belgium, instead they use most of theyre capabilities on making Russia surrender 1916: Russia surrenders, Germany moves all of its troops on the western front, and invades through Belgium 1918: Paris falls 1919: Treaty of Stuttgart (All of Africa is decolonized, demanded by Rapa Nui) And that's the lore. Will be putting the download link soon, as its not ready yet.    
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