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Conquerors v1.5.1 "Conquerors of the New Age" / DOWNLOAD NOW!
Age of Civilizations II - Conqueror's II Mod
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Bringing turn count to 1 to avoid the permanent 0 relations glitch. Plus new way to switch countries.
Fix: 0 relations glitch. Plus new way to switch countries.
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Map Editor 2.0
Improved version of the map editor, which differs from the usual one in that this version does not need to constantly restart the editor and manually rename the province files. This innovation will significantly reduce the time spent on creating a map and save your nerves.

Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon 2.0 | ALIVE
Addon 2.0 is our new global modification, designed to revise the idea of the original, and significantly expand its potential, due to the excellent implementation.

Age of Elder Scrolls | LAST UPDATE 19.07.2021
Age of Elder Scrolls -  is a mod that takes you to the universe of Elder Scrolls, to the planet Nirn. There will be:
- A big map of Nirn;
- Large count of elaborated scenarios;
- New ideologies;
- New diseases;
- Music from TES games;
- Remaded ages;
- Various wonders;

This mod will be developed for a long time, during the development something new will be added. 
We are in VK - https://vk.com/ageofelderscrolls


Bloody Europe II |  OLD TOPIC
Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

In these mod is:
-Big map of Europe (maybe 1k-2k provinces)
-Large count of scenarios from antic times to modern
-New music, sounds, icons and fonts
-Some new civilizations, form civs and unions

Mod has been released! Actual version - 0.1B
If you want download link, go to the page 3 of this topic

Mine group in VK- firstovinc

My first mod project - Age of Elder Scrolls


11:59: A Cold War Mod
11:59 is a total overhaul mod that focuses on historical accuracy as well as gameplay. Basically everything has been changed or altered, save for the core game mechanics or unmoddable pieces of the game. The feature list includes a brand new Decisions mechanic, (this will popup if your country has decisions scripted for it), a DEFCON mechanic (which is still work-in-progress), map changes, such as the 38th parallel in Korea (pictured below), West Berlin; canals, such as the Kiel Canal, the Panama Canal, and the Suez Canal. A brand new interface has been implemented. The soundtrack has been completely redone, and the list of tracks expanded to 52. There are now ~100 events, some of which are events that influence the AI's decisions (these events only popup for the AI, never the player) to ensure that it stays somewhat historical within the supported scenario: The Bear And The Eagle. Even more features such as custom province pictures for certain cities, the United Nations, and states and regions are also mentioned below.

Furthermore, the soundtrack has been completely redone, with 53 new songs. The interface has also been completely redone, so has the states (regions in the base game). Nothing has been spared. (Download by viewing our ModDB profile).



11:59 also features a realistic world map:


Colourized Event Images:

A Completely Redone Interface:


Detailed Demographic Maps:

Detailed Administrative Divisions, complete with ~120 new provinces, and 1.309 new states:

New Terrain Pictures are also planned:


More features are evidently planned for the next release, 0.9b: The Sun Finally Set, with new decolonisation mechanics:


The Future:


I have one question. Is it possible to edit cities? For example, in Spain there are some very important (like Mérida, Valladolid, La Coruña and Vigo) that are misplaced or not mentioned. Same with Monaco, Gaza, Bordeaux, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Milan, Heligoland, Saint Gallen, Novi Bazar, Elbasan, Skhoder, Cluj-Napoca, Astana, Kabul, Transnistria and Andorra that their cities are nameless, the real one is in another country or simply nonexistent.

So I'm asking, it's possible to change names of cities, edit places or create cities? I'm saying this because when I try to create a new city in a nameless province, it doesn't work and only I can change names when I change one of a already existing province when I'm playing. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Hi, there are no modded civs/events in this scenario, I wanted only to create it to see the feedbacks. Maybe in the future i'll do it one with events etc... but for now Enjoy 🙂

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dziś przychodzę do was z moim modem który zawiera dodatkowe scenariusze i lepsze ideologie! 

Mod zawiera scenariusze : 

Wojna Trzydziestoletnia 

wojna ligi z cambrai 

Wojna o Sukcesję Hiszpańską 

Wojna Siedmioletnia

Wojny napoleońskie








XIX Wiek : 


Wojna krymska NOWE

Francuska interwencja w meksyku NOWE

Wojna duńska NOWE

Wojna Prusko - Austriacka NOWE 

Wojna Prusko - Francuska NOWE

1 wojna światowa : 

1910 : europejska Beczka prochu 
1914 : Wojna która zakończy wojny
1917 : USA wkracza do wojny

1919 - Traktat Wersalski 


2 wojna światowa :
1939 : fall weiss
1940 : wasserburg
1941: Barbarossa
1943 : Bitwa o Stalingrad
1944: Bagration
1945: Upadek niemiec 

Oraz 1947 - Nowy świat 

Miłej gry mod będzie updatowany 





Angielska Wersja :


How to change the display name?
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This is a mod that includes a "realistic" modern world scenario and added some ideologies and goverments, the ideologies are more used for former scenarios meanwhile the goverments are used more in current scenarios.

What this includes?

- 8 types of goverment and 14 ideologies "the list can be expanded in the release"

- The modern day scenario includes the forgotten countries in the original game and the list of powers was modified to be most accurate to one of the real world "GDP Nominal"

- It includes current day leaders "Example: Bolsonaro" and alternative leaders "Example: Gus Hall for communist USA"

- The leaders are the ones whose offices constitutionally administer the executive or legislature of their respective state/government.

- It changes names to Oficial Names "with exception of some historic nations for not be confused with current ones just like Gran Colombia or First French Republic"

- Birth Dates are replaced with Assumed Office dates


- Create a modern world scenario with more provinces for make more accurate maps

- Create 2013, 2000, 1980, 1970, 1945, 1936, 1911 scenarios

Alpha 0.01: It includes...

- 33 new ideologies

- 2019 scenario

- 295 new leaders

- 188 new songs

- New sound for move army

- 5 provinces were changed of place for some civilizations (San Marino, Vatican City, Liechenstein, Saint Vincent and the Granadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis)

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JdZy4_QQMtCD83i6C4_YqQf7mRho_Hfd/view?usp=sharing
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I'm really curious so the events would be way more colorful
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AoC2 Star Wars mod (v. 1.2).rar

Download new event pictures

Age of Civilizations II Star Wars Mod v. 1.2. has been finally released!

What's New:

3 new scenarios (Imperial Civil War, Yuuzhan Vong War, First Order-Resistance War); Galactic Civil War scenario completed

42 new event pictures

Growth rate of Ilum and Exegol lifted to 99% to make First and Final Order more powerful

11 new civilizations

30+ new leaders, most of them with portraits

Alternate History Of Europe? After making ww3 sceanrio which is W.I.P. Im going to start AHOE i will make perfect borders colors and other things to make a perfect Map for AHOE countryballs included. Im going to do this because i had a map on my old computer,i was so close to start a serial but i bought a new computer so i gotta make a new map (even better). Is anyone going to support me?

My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrDBcBkUpCOLx-eze3lY93Q


My last project (ww3):  





In which one are you more interesanted?:


Alternate WW3 caused by USSR

Alternative Corona Virus Scenario??

Alternate WW2 Scenario 2

Alternate WW1 Scenario 2
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I'm sure you dreamed about this scenario! But why  i put scenario in mods category? Read this:

Cześć! Jest to mój pierwszy projekt na tej stronce do modów, akurat do AoCII. Ostatnio miałem taki malutki przebłysk:
"Dużo ludzi pisze że potrzebuje kogoś to pomocy przy robieniu wydarzeń, a ja umiem je robić od samego początku nawet te zaawansowane!" Więc naszła mnie myśl aby stworzyć scenariusz dzisiejszej europy ale każdy kraj będzie miał oryginalne drzewko. Takie podobne do tego jakie są w Hearts of Iron 4 ale oczywiście inaczej wyglądające. Projekt zaczołem dziś czyli 17 maja a skończe go pewnie za pare tygodni (przy dobrej pracy ok. 2). Oczywiście później wyśle wam zdjęcia związane z przebiegem prac i będziecie mogli popatrzeć na moją męke 😄 Informuje już teraz że nie będe odpisywać na komentarze pod projektem przez okres prac ale będe je przeglądać. Jak ktoś będzie chciał zobaczyć jak wyglądają drzewka kraji to wyśle je jako zdjęcia. Dziękuje i życzcie mi miłych prac bo jak nie to dodam wydarzenie do drzewka niemiec "Powrót Rzeszy".


Hey! This is my first project on this page for mods, just for AoCII. Recently I had such a tiny flash:
"A lot of people write that I need someone to help me make events, and I can do them from the very beginning even the advanced!" So the thought came to me to create the script of today's Europe but each country will have an original tree. So similar to what they are in Hearts of Iron 4 but of course looking different. I started the project today, 17 May and I will finish it in a few weeks (with a good job approx. 2). Of course, later I will send you photos related to the course of work and you will be able to look at my torment: I am now informing you that I will not reply to comments on the project for the duration of the work, but I will review them. If someone wants to see what country trees look like and they will send them as photos. Thank you and wish me nice work because if not I will add the event to the German tree "Return of the Reich".
I used google translate so sorry for the mistakes!
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Border gore is a very common thing in Aoc2 for many reasons.  Incompetent and illogical AI and unrealistic peace treaties to name a few.  Most of the time you can deal with the gore but sometimes, it gets out of hand.  Take a screenshot of one of the most gory border-gore you've seen and put it in the comments.  Here's one of mine:
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What is the best Empire you made?
If you're an Aoc2 player, you wonder, how good am I compared to other players.  You will find out here!  If you can, please post a screenshot of the best empire you made!  Here's one of mine (I'll add more overtime): 
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I started to make a new mod in the universe of Game of Thrones.
I planning to make:
1.A newmap of Westeros & Essos.

2.New background.

3. New scenarios

4.New civilizations

Edit: Also I will add new cities and several ideologies,

My group in VK - https://vk.com/aocmaps
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This scenario is also in the development phase, it deals with three wars that took place in North America in very near times which are American Civil War, Second French intervention in Mexico and the reunification of Celntral America.
When the beta phase no longer has errors I will upload the scenario to media fire, (Some things will be modified from the real story).
Este escenario también se encuentra en la fase de desarrollo, se trata de tres guerras que tuvieron lugar en América del Norte en tiempos muy cercanos, que son la Guerra Civil Estadounidense, la Segunda intervención francesa en México y la reunificación de América Central.
Cuando la fase beta ya no tenga errores, subiré el escenario a Media fire (algunas cosas se modificarán de la historia real).
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This is in development but after some modifications and new things I will share screenshots and download link (MediaFire)
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I have decided to include more ideologies in this mod in order to make it more historically accurate among other features.

Heres a few screenshots showing off the new ideologies.


The new Ideologies that will be included are

- Marxism

- Stalinism

- Leninism

- Marxist-Leninism

- Maoism

Some other ideologies that I plan to include and are still working on are

- Titoism (For Yugoslavia)

- Juche (For North Korea)

- Burmese Socialism (For Burma)

- Hoxhaism (For Albania)

To add more flare to these ideologies, I will also be including unique alternate flags for these ideologies that some countries will have. Not all will have unique flags for every ideology, but some will.

These flags will all be custom made by me.

In addition to all this, I'll also be adding more releasable nations to the scenario such as all 50 US states and the Canadian provinces.

As for a release date, I can't say but just know it will be done sometime this year. 

Heres some mod progress:

Scenario itself - Done

Cores - Half Done

Leaders - Still Working on it!

Ideologies - Half Done

Flags - Still Working on it!

Events - Still Working on it!

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Hello Guys!

This is my first sceriano! 

-20+ events



-Relase: August!

That 's the video of the concept: https://youtu.be/Ng9n8bwYbLg


(pls reaction) xD

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