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Very strange that the game doesn't have a World War I scenario. That's why I created this scenario. Includes events:

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Very strange that the game doesn't have a World War I scenario. That's why I created this scenario. Includes events:

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The thread was removed for no reason, so I'm gonna repost the code for the disease.

Name: "Coronavirus",

BeginningYear: -5000,
EndYear: 5000,






R: 120,
G: 45,
B: 45,

I don't know why it was deleted, also why did Łukasz repost my mod on his twitter without credit? Can I please have an answer? I wasn't even told of the deletion.
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The German Divide (Alpha now out!)

The German Divide is a mod that I'm making. It's basically a mod where France made the majority of the Treaty of Versailles articles.

Screenshots are in the thread.

The mod is now downloadable on the thread.

To do:

Alpha release:

Finalize map (working on)

Beta release:

Add custom leaders

Add custom nations


Prepare events


Finalize lore (planned, lore document will be released when finished)

I would gladly accept help with designing flags, creating lore and custom portraits!

Thank you for your time.
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How to give suggestions?
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How to give suggestions?
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I created a civilization called "Kingdom of Montenegro", but it already exists in the game. How do I delete the custom civilization?
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I created a civilization called "Kingdom of Montenegro", but it already exists in the game. How do I delete the custom civilization?
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I have spent about 1 day on this trying to make it realistic; and I am not yet done. But there is not that much to explain, you will just have to play it.
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How to solve this bug? And why did Nazi Germany become Weimar in the game?
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This scenario is from year 1939, more specifically on March 22, when Lithuania ceded the Memel Territory to Nazi Germany.

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@Łukasz Jakowski I didn't find the "config.ini" file, only "config.json".
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Coming soon, Khmer language will full release.

I have update :

Add khmer Flag language.  

fixed error display Khmer language

And add complete 100%  

Fixed font unicode to limon font.

Thank you! សូមអរគុណ!

** KhmerUI is not support with this game

*** replace Khmer Font to limon font 
»»»»»»» Please Like Or comment or Support «««««

I'm creating my new map for a new mod but can't seem to get the shore Providences to move troops in the water  does anyone know how to fix it?
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After nine entire years of the second world war that occurred in European conflicts; the entire war is about to be settled by the Axis Powers, which includes Finland, Hungary, and National Socialistic Germany. As to the other side of the war is the Soviet Union with it's allies of the United Kingdom, and it's vassal of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Reasoning for the split of Yugoslavia was a vote that happened inside of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia; the vote was to either: Split into the different ethnic groups inside of the country, get annexed from either Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, or get partially annexed from each side. Since the Yugoslavs wanted to have some freedom left but be annexed somewhat, the majority chose the third option and it was done. Serbia was completely annexed by the USSR because of close relations and past history with them. The rest of the rest of the Yugoslavians were controlled by Nazi Germany. This includes the Slovenes, Croats, and the Montenegrin became a vassal of Germany. Italy capitulated from Germany due to them joining the Allies, and which the Germans could not allow; therefore they launched an offensive through Slovenia, where the Italians did not expect and had a very low amount of troops in. Meanwhile, the civil war in Spain went well for the fascists who had the same idea as Italian Colonialism. Unfortunately, somewhere their plan went wrong and they had a bad relation with Germany. This caused them to launch an offensive with the help of Vichy France. As the Germans did with the French, they applied the same outcome with the Spanish. They became a vassal of Germany but only in the south and southeast. Their capital remains to be Madrid (unfortunately the city of Madrid itself is not a province in Age of Civilization 2 so I couldn't do this); but the city is split in half, life Berlin in the real life outcome of the War to End all Wars. Since the Portuguese do not want a Nazi invasion, they joined the allies and followed the same steps as the Soviets.

                                I will try to add events to this scenario in a future time.
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I have begun work on a probably 1000+ province map of the Roman world. Unlike the hoi4 map project, this one will not be abandoned. In fact, I might even restart the hoi4 map someday.


Map I'm using:


Map: 10-15%

Growth rate, regions, etc.: 10%

Scenarios: 1-2%

Fleshed-out scenarios (events and other things that will require more than /map): 0%

Total: 4-6%
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I searched a video on how to solve the problem and didn't find it.

When I open the game, the following message appears on the screen:


137.0 kHz / 140 Hz

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Hello i want to make Serbian history from like 500 years to 2020 year. Does anyone wants to support me so i can be sure i will have alot views.Because i don't want to make it to get 20 views. I want maximum 200 Views. On my video any one can visit my channel and last 2 videos about alternate ww1 and ww2: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrDBcBkUpCOLx-eze3lY93Q
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An option that allows tribal civilizations to spawn randomly on the map, with higher chance of appearing in high growth provinces.
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Hello, the problem has started about 2-3 days ago.
I've addon+ installed.
Its very simple problem, but i dont know how to fix it, 

When im turning game on, nothing happens, even pop up, and after few seconds it closes.

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Uk Election Map

This mod is gonna be an map of UK constituencies, I am hoping to release it in march and i might release a pre-release version once i have finished england.

Discord: https://discord.gg/JT5MuY

The Background will be updated.
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New scenarios:


the scenarios adds better images of leaders for each country, removes historical mistakes and also new events such as the civil war in Spain, anschluss of Austria, , Munich Agreement danzig or war

. i don't want download this trash


New ideologies:







New scenarios:


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