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So I have an ally, +100 relations with that ally, and my attempts at uniting with said ally probably number in the double digits.

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Guys, the next story is Bradenburg. Here's the new topic 


Romance of The Three Kingdoms(Beta)
Hi guys, back with a new scenario. This time is Romance of The Three Kingdoms: Coalition Against Dong Zhuo. Set in the fall of Eastern Han Period. Still in beta version as I need to add faction leader pictures. But it will take some time for the final release. Below is the map and link for both civilization, scenario and flag. As for flags_editor.rar, just extract and replace it with the flags editor. It gives one new flag which is the flag used in this scenario. But I do need your help to improvise this scenario especially the events cause I'm still struggling on the events.

ROTK civ.rar
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1. Download Map editor.
2. Clear all data.
3. Create province.
4. Copy/Create bg.png (background for your map)
5. Copy first province into new folder (Province is called PROV, and move it into folder that will be containing all provinces)
6. Rename your first province to 0 (second to 1 etcetera)
7. In game map folder (steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map) copy template (and rename it), and clear "cities" folder.
8. Copy your provinces into update, updatePB, \data\provinces (I'm not sure if you need to copy it into provinces folder, but It works too :P)
9. Edit config.json(in copied template folder) and change values:

    Map: [
            MapName: "%Mapname%",
            Author: "%Yournickname%",
            BackgroundName: "%bgname%",
            ContinentsPackage: "Earth6"
            RegionsPackage: "Earth_AoC2",
            NumberOfProvinces: %numberofprovinces%,
            MapScale: 3,
            WorldMap: true,
            Scenario: "testScenario",
            Wiki: "Wikipedia:Unusual_articles"
    Age_of_Civilizations: Map

10. Rembmer to create background files with name %bgname%_L and %bgname%_R
11. go back to map folders and add line to make game read that map:

    Map: [
            Folder: "Earth"
            Folder: "Ashan"
            Folder: "Earth_AoC1"
            Folder: "Kepler"
            Folder: "template"
            Folder: "%mapname%"
    Age_of_Civilizations: Maps

12. Run game and go to Editor>MapEditor>EditConnections and Provinces>Update every province you added.
13. Congratulation you have created your first map 😛
Short video, if you still need help. (OS is in polish, rest is in english 😛 )

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That's very weird lmao. Just make it trigger by opinion.

Try and restore the mongol empire as mongolia... ITS LITTERALLY IMPOSSIBLE

Pretty self explanatory I've done Europe the new world and Africa but there's still east Asia and the German states 

P. S:this is an edited version of the 1440 scenario so the German states are wrong 
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I decided to start creating large Earth Scenarios on the small earth.  Using the 1440 map as a guide, I made a small version of the 1440 map.

I plan to recreate small versions of every FULL WORLD start dates.  Maps that don’t have the full world is a lost cause.  They would be way too small.

Sadly, this is android, and if Lukasz doesn’t give an ability to release scenarios from android, then there will be no way for me to release it.


Results from test:


Also, I fixed Native American placements, it just isn’t shown in these pictures.
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This could be a great modifications to the existing cheat code commands, as maybe the sandbox mode could be changed in a way where everything is actually a cheat. What I mean by that is there could be a unlimited amount of money, not just 9 Million Gold, unlimited movement/diplomacy points and not just 99.9, population, army, etc (you get the idea), what’s more, in the country that we play as, all our provinces could have like every possible structure and building already constructed for and stuff.

Furthermore, I think that if sandbox mode is disabled or somewhat not modified, the cheat code commands (e.g typing army would add 300 soldiers, movement would add 0.X (forgot the actual value) points, etc) could be changed to where as we type for example, army 99999, would thus add 99999 soldiers to the selected province, just like how movement 99999 would add 99999 points, etc, universal to other similar commands like army, population, diplomacy, etc.


please take this add on into consideration, and it would make this game a lot more fun!
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Aoc2 multi add-on?
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We need it!
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Would be fun to have online multiplayer. Many people already really want it, and would up the replayability of the game.
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I've made a tool, which converts a .png into a bunch of provinces, allowing someone to create a custom map more easily.

Link to download : https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter/raw/master/AoC2_Conv_0.1.jar

Link to short guide: https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter
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So, I've collected the data, and out of those willing to give their exact birth date, I am the youngest person on the forums, at 13 years old. Chexier is a few days older than me.

The oldest forum user is Slavic Comrade, he/she is 28 years old.
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I wanted to make an alt-history scenario. I just didn't know what to make.

What if Allbania won WW2? Nah.

What if France didn't capitulate every 5 mintues? Nah.

What if Switzerland had a coast? Nah.

What if my scenarios were gud? Nah.

Then, I had the idea to make What if the Ottomans won the Battle of Vienna?


Ottomans in 1700 (Not Accurate)

If you don't know what the battle of Vienna was, here is a brief explanation: It was a battle that was part of the Great Turkish War. Which involved the Ottomans against the HRE, the Habsburgs, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Tsardom of Russia, among others. The Ottomans had almost no chance to win. But what if they somehow did?



The year is 1700. The Ottomans have defeated the Christian Coalition in Vienna. After some weeks, the christians have surrendered. In the peace deal, the Ottomans set up puppet states in the Balkans, in order to make administration in the region easier and they have also annexed some parts of Russia and Venice. However, with such a large and culturally diverse empire, The Ottomans may not be able to maintain all the land they control and may collapse in the next decades. Can you lead kebab to glory? Or will Serbia remove it?


Scenario name: Ottoman Dawn

Year: 1700

Greatest world power: The Ottoman Empire

Events will be focused on the Ottomans and the Balkans.


You can also give me suggestions, it would be much appreciated.
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The WW1 Scenario was created but there is work that still needs to be done for it. Support the scenario if you can
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Hi guys. I can't continue my game. It stucks on next turn. When i click it nothing happens. Help please. Thanks
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1984 George Orwell
Hello fellow Civers!

This is a simple 1984 scenario complete with custom flags, a custom scenario and my interpretation of the 1984 world of George Orwell. To give you some history, the year is 1984 (who knew) and the world is split into three major factions. After a nuclear engagement between the powers of the world, the three super powers left are Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia. Oceania, which was formed out of the remnants of the United States of America, is a fascist world leader which relies heavily on propaganda and mind manipulation. Eastasia, formed out of the former Soviet Union, is a communist land making up most of Russia and the rest of Europe. And finally, Eurasia, formed out of the states of China and Japan, is (most likely) a brutal monarchy with totalitarian values. Each country is forever fighting over the disputed lands of the Middle East and Africa, each side never getting closer. The age of Humanity looks dim to many, and brightly for few.



please leave any comments or questions as I want to improve this scenario.





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I've managed to not only learn how to use the map editor but i also have created The Great War scenario.
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Love Map ! match beautiful labor to health 🙂 ( Turkish: Haritayı Sevdim! Emeğine Sağlık 🙂 )

I have never made until now a successful trade even though I gave them provinces for one 1 gold they always refuse ..why is that??!
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Might and magic Ashan (In works)
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Map Editor - AoC2
Map Editor for Age of Civilizations II

Download: http://ageofcivilizationsgame.com/DL/AoC2_MapEditor.zip
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