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I started to make a new mod in the universe of Game of Thrones.
I planning to make:
1.A newmap of Westeros & Essos.

2.New background.

3. New scenarios

4.New civilizations

Edit: Also I will add new cities and several ideologies,

My group in VK - https://vk.com/aocmaps
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This scenario is also in the development phase, it deals with three wars that took place in North America in very near times which are American Civil War, Second French intervention in Mexico and the reunification of Celntral America.
When the beta phase no longer has errors I will upload the scenario to media fire, (Some things will be modified from the real story).
Este escenario también se encuentra en la fase de desarrollo, se trata de tres guerras que tuvieron lugar en América del Norte en tiempos muy cercanos, que son la Guerra Civil Estadounidense, la Segunda intervención francesa en México y la reunificación de América Central.
Cuando la fase beta ya no tenga errores, subiré el escenario a Media fire (algunas cosas se modificarán de la historia real).
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This is in development but after some modifications and new things I will share screenshots and download link (MediaFire)
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I have decided to include more ideologies in this mod in order to make it more historically accurate among other features.

Heres a few screenshots showing off the new ideologies.


The new Ideologies that will be included are

- Marxism

- Stalinism

- Leninism

- Marxist-Leninism

- Maoism

Some other ideologies that I plan to include and are still working on are

- Titoism (For Yugoslavia)

- Juche (For North Korea)

- Burmese Socialism (For Burma)

- Hoxhaism (For Albania)

To add more flare to these ideologies, I will also be including unique alternate flags for these ideologies that some countries will have. Not all will have unique flags for every ideology, but some will.

These flags will all be custom made by me.

In addition to all this, I'll also be adding more releasable nations to the scenario such as all 50 US states and the Canadian provinces.

As for a release date, I can't say but just know it will be done sometime this year. 

Heres some mod progress:

Scenario itself - Done

Cores - Half Done

Leaders - Still Working on it!

Ideologies - Half Done

Flags - Still Working on it!

Events - Still Working on it!

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Hello Guys!

This is my first sceriano! 

-20+ events



-Relase: August!

That 's the video of the concept: https://youtu.be/Ng9n8bwYbLg


(pls reaction) xD
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Fate of World Mod - First Video First Review (NEW RELIGIONS AND IDEOLOGIES) - 256 NEW IDEOLOGIES by AoC2ModdingTR


Hi Guys. We have been preparing an AoC2 mod called 'Fate of World'. In this video I will give some information about 'Religions' and 'Ideologies'. We have added 256 Ideologies and 6 Religions.

Added Ideologies: 37

Added Religions:

With new Religions and Ideologies there are total 256 new Ideology


This was the first Interview Video. Our first Interview video was about 'Religions and Ideologies'. Second will be about new Scenarios, third will be about new Icons, fourth will be about UI and Map Background and last fifth one will be about the Great Map of Portugal(if we can finish it before 7th October)


We are going to release 'Fate of World at 7th November 2019

Don't forget shot like and subscribe.



Ideologies & Religions by Lim10


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Addin+ V1 video is above this text.

Addin+ V2 video is above this text.

Addin+ V3 video is above this text

Addin+ V4 video is above this text

Addin+ V4 Fixed video is above this text

Addin+ V4.5 video is above the text.


Addin+ V5 video is above this text.

Addin+ V6 video is above this text.

Also you can join these groups for new mods:


How to Upload New Scenarios for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/Z5PztpzWY6o

How to Upload Civilizations_Editor Documents for Age of Civilizations II Android:

How to Upload New Maps for Age of Civilizations II Android:

How to Download Documents on Link.tl *Updated*: 

Links for Upload Scenario,Map,Mod:

A PK Extractor Download Link:
http://link.tl/1ZDn6 (Google Play Store)

MT Manager Download Link:
http://link.tl/1ZDnn (apkmonk.com)

ZArchiver Download Link:
http://link.tl/1ZDne (Google Play Store)

You needn't do anything except download and upload the documents
Download Link for Addin+ V1: http://link.tl/2iGqt

Download Link for Addin+ V2: http://link.tl/2iZi4

Download Link for Addin+ V3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-xITOMOtSqhcRUACFtecQtnHvpVxui8_/view?usp=drivesdk

Download Link for Addin+ V4 (Android): https://lnk.news/2j9fp

Download Link for Addin+ V4 (PC): https://lnk.news/2j9fD

Download Link for Addin+ V4 Fixed (Android): https://lnk.news/2j9fp

Download Link for Addin+ V4 Fixed (PC): https://lnk.news/2j9fD

Download Link for Addin+ V4.5 (Android): https://lnkload.com/2jaxA

Download Link for Addin+ V5 (PC): https://lnkload.com/2jgwB

Download Link for Addin+ V5 (Android): https://lnkload.com/2jguN

Download Link for Addin+ V6 (PC): https://lnkload.com/2jHVl

Download Link for Addin+ V6 (Android): https://lnkload.com/2jEnk

How to get permission? You should just put a bowl of water or food in your street and take a photo of it. #PledgeABowl #ForAnimals

You can send me your photos on this websites: 1)
Instagram @memososisi or @memososisigaming or @ageofcivilizations2
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This is the first alternate history scenario.  Im planning to make more in the future, but this 1946 Scenario will take a little while.

Here's the download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/kqq0238wtpb3jtl/1946_(Alternate_History_Scenario).zip/file


For Screenshots Scroll Down















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Project: Alpha Mod - Introduction of Ideologies & Religions
Don't forget leave a like :) 


Yugoslavian MOD


What this mod includes

Map of Yugoslavia(ALL COUNTRIES ARE DIVIDED BY ADMINISTRATIV DIVISIONS)-There is a lot greater map of Balkan by @Jankovich

A LOT of scenarios

A LOT of new civilizations

A LOT more formable civilizations

New UI based on some reddish colors

      I am not sure so imma let that on you guys.Not sure,do you guys want new music?-imma make poll.Also i need people for translation in languages:Serbian,Croatian and Slovenian.

TELL ME what you think and tell me your suggestions(screenshots soon)

70 provinces DONE!

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I'm making a mod ... Big East Asia. I have made in one day 1677 provinces. Hainan had in the normal game 2 provinces. In my mod it have 86 provinces.

Progress: 10% complete

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Today I publish this scenario/Idea,  That fantastic! wiki:


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working on the aoc Asia map

with it it will have all original scenarios
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I cant find any AOC2 discords are there any left or any that someone can tell me the code too because im lonely ☹️ lol, add me Yello_y#4248 if you do have discord with a AOC2 server.
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Korean Japanese War

This is a scenario about Korea United Defeated the Chinese and went to war with Japan.

While Japanese had their own ambitions by defeating the Russian's.

How to install - Put the 1588701314113dhuyffol file in (D or any disc that u have the game installed on) D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios then put the rest of the files in that folder and you will have the scenario.
Discamer - This scenario doesn't represent any in real life event its purly fiction made by the author 


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So your new to the game and you want to be able yo win your first game no problem well In AOC2 theres a couple of things you can do which I will tell you about and how too. So your on a scenario and have chose your nation DONT START THE GAME YET or this will not work. Choose your nation then look in the bottom left corner and click options/settings This only works on the paid version btw. Next there will be alot of options, first turn fog of war off, this allows you to see the amount of troops everyone has which is very helpful. Next turn AI aggressiveness too 50% this makes it so the AI will only invade you if they really need too and wont declare war on you unless you invade there ally's. Next change it from hard to beginner, all of these opions are next to each other. Now to turn on sanbox mode scroll down through the options, you will see some red highlighted buttons that have words inside of them, keep all of them red apart from: sandbox, wasteland colonisations and Neutral war. This should make the game very very very easy and should help the new people starting out, this is how i became good at the game after 2 days so you should really try it.
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I wanted to make a video about ww3 scenario betrayed by 

I cannot spoil you the story but i will upload the pictures of the process of the video @Lucas L are you here ru gonna support me when i was making ww2?

Share this topic to others so i can have more support and know that people will watch it i sure know it is quarantine so i  think you will be free to support me.
For the first start look this picture - China wants to invade the mongolia so it can expand its land and be stronger and defeat Great Asian Co-Sphere (Great Japan) but Japan saw this and it invades mongolia too.
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I created a Discord server about AoC2:
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I created a Discord server about AoC2:
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I created a scenario with the Soviet Republics:


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I created a scenario with the Soviet Republics:


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Very strange that the game doesn't have a World War I scenario. That's why I created this scenario. Includes events:

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Very strange that the game doesn't have a World War I scenario. That's why I created this scenario. Includes events:

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The thread was removed for no reason, so I'm gonna repost the code for the disease.

Name: "Coronavirus",

BeginningYear: -5000,
EndYear: 5000,






R: 120,
G: 45,
B: 45,

I don't know why it was deleted, also why did Łukasz repost my mod on his twitter without credit? Can I please have an answer? I wasn't even told of the deletion.
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The German Divide (Alpha now out!)

The German Divide is a mod that I'm making. It's basically a mod where France made the majority of the Treaty of Versailles articles.

Screenshots are in the thread.

The mod is now downloadable on the thread.

To do:

Alpha release:

Finalize map (working on)

Beta release:

Add custom leaders

Add custom nations


Prepare events


Finalize lore (planned, lore document will be released when finished)

I would gladly accept help with designing flags, creating lore and custom portraits!

Thank you for your time.
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