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Age of Civilizations
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New music?  

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Posted (edited)

Yugoslavian MOD

  1. WIP
  2. What this mod includes
  • Map of Yugoslavia(ALL COUNTRIES ARE DIVIDED BY ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS)-There is a lot greater map of Balkan by @Jankovich
  • A LOT of scenarios
  • A LOT of new civilizations
  • A LOT more formable civilizations
  • New UI based on some reddish colors
  • Planning on adding some wonders
  • Maybe adding an new government if needed
  • I need somebody to create events,if ya want them in
  • No sea provinces

      I am not sure so imma let that on you guys.Not sure,do you guys want new music?-imma make poll.Also i need people for translation in languages:Serbian,Croatian and Slovenian.

TELL ME what you think and tell me your suggestions

here u can just follow the progress https://discord.gg/8kWd93

70 provinces DONE!


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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, Srbenda said:

that was exactly what i was thinking when i was tipping that lol

i support your idea 

yeah ik that there are many yugoslavians here but no much interest showen,plus its more realistic when its with administrative divisions,i am from macedonia

check out my other mod if you want

Edited by kokakolabrooooo

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3 minutes ago, Srbenda said:

i have relatives in skoplje and bitolja i dont know if i pronounced it right ( im from serbia)

yeah i can se by the name srbenda where are u from,pronouncing is,in macedonian


cyrillic(ik that u know it):Скопје,Битола


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    • Bringing turn count to 1 to avoid the permanent 0 relations glitch. Plus new way to switch countries.
      Fix: 0 relations glitch. Plus new way to switch countries.
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    • Map Editor 2.0
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    • Age of Elder Scrolls | FROZEN
      Age of Elder Scrolls -  is a mod that takes you to the universe of Elder Scrolls, to the planet Nirn. There will be:
      - A big map of Nirn;
      - Large count of elaborated scenarios;
      - New ideologies;
      - New diseases;
      - Music from TES games;
      - Remaded ages;
      - Various wonders;

      This mod will be developed for a long time, during the development something new will be added. 
      We are in VK - https://vk.com/ageofelderscrolls

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    • Bloody Europe II | FROZEN
      Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

      In these mod is:
      -Big map of Europe (maybe 1k-2k provinces)
      -Large count of scenarios from antic times to modern
      -New music, sounds, icons and fonts
      -Some new civilizations, form civs and unions

      Mod has been released! Actual version - 0.1B
      If you want download link, go to the page 3 of this topic

      Mine group in VK- firstovinc

      My first mod project - Age of Elder Scrolls

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