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Age of Civilizations
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    • i dont know i must do some counries: Canada China Mongolia Russia Brasil and sea provinces i must fix one error and  do growth rate terrian types so some months
    • how much time will this mod come out ?
    • Here is the scenario of 1900 1900.rar
    • So I have Been Modding A Map For Quite Some Time.I Decided To Test Run It Once I Had Completed 550 Provinces So transfered The Province Files I Made To A New Map File In The AOC2 Localization files.I Changed all That was Necessary (/data/provinces,update) for the provnces and (config as well as The Age_of_civilizations.json) all was set up as I Followed A Tutorial Here.Now The Only Thing I Had To Do Is Set The Connections.I enterned the game and the ingame editor then i selected my map and as it started loading the game crashed.I tryed again and the result was the same.I checked the file again all where right.I edited some of them and yet again the game wouldn't run the map when i loaded it.   If Anyone has an anwser or maybe can help me with rechecking the map files plz reply
    • The world in 1750 1585355833123ocmpdrth.rar civilizations_editor.rar
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