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This club is for who's writing stories and likes stories.
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  2. Guys I have abandoned my Rome project Since pretty much no one saw it and sources were too hard to find butt I have 3 new ideas and I'll ask you guys to choose between them
  3. Heck I even made a topic complaining about it It SUCKS ass
  4. It is shite and should be REMOVED. I have to rely on drive to get UMM out there, but that can only hold 15 gigabytes, so I don't what I'm gonna do once it get's bigger than that
  5. What do you think about the attachment quota and do you think it will get a problem for us in the future? I have heard from some people that they have already filled their limit and I have also already used 74% of mine, but I want to continue writing stories.
  6. I'm currently working on the last episode (Ep. 24/25). Its an artificial end, because I think the story is long enough. (And because I messed up my savegame while playing the final episode, so there is no way back)
  7. When do you plan to finish the story? After a world domination, or after a date? Maybe after England gets crushed?
  8. Guys, we can use this place to list our stories, helping each other for ideas etc

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