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The Industrial Collapse

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2 hours ago, ($Jake$) said:

Imagine making a balkanized world and one of the most balkanized nations in the world, Switzerland, only turns into 7 cantons lol thanks province map

Ik right! I had big plans for switzerland!

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11 hours ago, ($Jake$) said:

at the same time it would be an absolute joke to see 26 or so cantons in Switzerland

I dont want 26 cantons included. Most of the major ones I'd want included to make the region more interesting 

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8th Update Post

Guess who is back! This mod ain't dead!

Far from it!

I've just been busy so haven't had much time to work on it. I Apologize.

- Iberia is basically done (Might be changed in the future)

- Formable nations are started to be added. Formable Nations will follow tiers and come with bonuses. The first nation tree is....

  1. Navarre, Vizcaya, Aquitaine
  2. Basque Country
  3. Vasconia

- Work has been started on France








Bejan War for Independence

As Spain collapsed right at the borders of Portugal, Beja saw its chance for independence. It could break away from Portugal and be a truly free and prosperous kingdom! A bloody war of independence was fought for Beja to be free. Many lives were lost but in the end when Portugal seemed to finally get the upper hand and decisively defeated the Bejan Army, Toledo stepped in and demanded Bejan Independence. Portugal was exhausted from the war and they could not refuse this demand. A treaty was signed and Beja was a free nation. However, 30 years have passed and Portugal has recovered. They eye Beja with greedy eyes yet are stopped by Toledo. However, Toledo's interest in keeping Beja free is fading. Who knows how long Beja can remain free?


Thats all for now! Updates can now hopefully begin to be pumped out again!



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