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How Population Works/Is Shown

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Can't post in information so I'm posting this here. I found this while playing Bloody Europe 2 so it may only apply to it. Also I'm on mobile.


The population the player is shown is divided by 100, I became aware of this after my population overflowed at 2.14 billion (2 times) instead of 214 billion, I don't know why it is made like this, probably to make the percent increases accurate. This overflow instantly sets total population to negative but the actual population is positive because individual province populations haven't overflowed, I do not know what happens if a single province overflows. You do not get negative population prestige so the game doesn't actually base it off the total combined but gets prestige for every province then adds it. I wonder what happens if you overflow prestige?

You can continue to increase population until it reaches back into positive and overflows again, after this it hard to know your exact population unless you keep track of the amount of overflows. Also it says I have -80% unemployment.

The population graph (both world and normal) changes many times. After the first overflow you are no longer on the graph until you go back into the positives where the entire damn graph flips, increases in population now make it appear to go down (it's flipped duh, also only you appear because everyone else is positive), also you can see yourself again. It stays like this until the second overflow, where the graph count for you says -214 billion constantly, no longer dividing by 100. It also removes every other graph but yours and shows just 1 turn (it looks like a single point) that goes instantly down till you can't see it again (it still says -214 billion if you click on it). I think it's still flipped. I don't know what happens if you get to a positive population after the second overflow.

This could explain why certain mods casualties rates are different from the amount of troops shown to be lost, so troops shown are probably also divided by 100. Also the pie chart says you have 100% of your people in your nationality then says any other nationality is a negative percent.

I will see what happens on further overflows and I don't know if anyone else has discovered this because this game crashes/breaks/makes saves unplayable all the time. (I hope it didn't break while I wrote this)

Edit/Update: Overflowed again, nothing changed. The 1 turn on the graph that showed up eventually dispeared but was replaced by another 1 turn of graph after the overflow. Pie chart stats return to normal when your population is positive again but the percents are kinda wrong. Also yes you are shown at the bottom of every population list when negative

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It counts as help incase someone was making a mod where something was supposed to have higher than 2 bil pop or some other excuse like that (where else would I post this?

Honestly just wanted to tell people what I found

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