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Post NK Related topics here, mods, screenshots, and maps. Praise your glorious leader for a high rank, if i dont approve of you, i will have you work in labor camp until i do discord https://discord.gg/ddhaYZt
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  2. Hello Little brother kim The west is getting too strong, We as the 2 east asian communist nations that have not been influenced by the western pigs should form a coalition against the corrupt ideology of CAPITALISM!
  3. i need to get back to making the map ive had lack of time to do it i will post it soon!
  4. THE NORTH KOREA CHALLENGE Can you complete this challenge? Send me screenshots of your final product! If i approve you get a special rank on my discord server! come and give it a try! RULES Oh no not rules Get rid of that pesky south korea Make trump think im handsome Take over china and show em who the new trade superpower is Give russia a good fight LEADER KIM WILL ALWAYS BE LEADER OF NORTH KOREA NO sandbox send me a screenshot and a map to prove you finished If you reform to another ideology, you will get a Traitor rank and be muted from some channels same with south korea, it must die
  5. Post off topic maps here BUT WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO
  6. ON TOPIC north korea maps if you want you can post other maps on Off Topic Maps
  7. You can post Screen Shots must be ON topic or you will go to the labor camp AND get nuked on south korea
  8. You can post Screen Shots of your mods must be ON topic or you will go to the labor camp

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