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After nine entire years of the second world war that occurred in European conflicts; the entire war is about to be settled by the Axis Powers, which includes Finland, Hungary, and National Socialistic Germany. As to the other side of the war is the Soviet Union with it's allies of the United Kingdom, and it's vassal of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Reasoning for the split of Yugoslavia was a vote that happened inside of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia; the vote was to either: Split into the different ethnic groups inside of the country, get annexed from either Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, or get partially annexed from each side. Since the Yugoslavs wanted to have some freedom left but be annexed somewhat, the majority chose the third option and it was done. Serbia was completely annexed by the USSR because of close relations and past history with them. The rest of the rest of the Yugoslavians were controlled by Nazi Germany. This includes the Slovenes, Croats, and the Montenegrin became a vassal of Germany. Italy capitulated from Germany due to them joining the Allies, and which the Germans could not allow; therefore they launched an offensive through Slovenia, where the Italians did not expect and had a very low amount of troops in. Meanwhile, the civil war in Spain went well for the fascists who had the same idea as Italian Colonialism. Unfortunately, somewhere their plan went wrong and they had a bad relation with Germany. This caused them to launch an offensive with the help of Vichy France. As the Germans did with the French, they applied the same outcome with the Spanish. They became a vassal of Germany but only in the south and southeast. Their capital remains to be Madrid (unfortunately the city of Madrid itself is not a province in Age of Civilization 2 so I couldn't do this); but the city is split in half, life Berlin in the real life outcome of the War to End all Wars. Since the Portuguese do not want a Nazi invasion, they joined the allies and followed the same steps as the Soviets. Although the Ottomans failed at the Great War, they stay loyal to their ally; so they join their faction of the Axis Powers. For the rising tensions, a desire to not get annexed the Turks, the Armenians join the Axis Powers; which also helps them from the USSR. Though being neutral throughout this entire conflict, the Iraqis decide to join the Allies to get back at the Turkish.


  •                                                                                                                      WHAT I ADDED                                                                                                 
  • Iraq as a country
  • Armenia as a fictionalized empire
  • Georgian SSR as a part of the USSR
  • Azerbaijan SSR as a part of the USSR
  • Iraq as a part of the Allied Powers
  • Armenian Empire as a part of the Axis Powers
  • Fixed bugs considering the Sweden State
  • Fixed bugs considering Montenegro
  • Fixed bugs considering Vichy France
  • Fixed bugs considering Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Defensive pact including Tsardom of Bulgaria and Switzerland


                                                 I will try to add events to this scenario in a future time.

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      Building Group:



      Construction Time:

      Maintenance Cost: 

      The name of the technology that unlocks this building:






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