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Disclaimer: I know Lukaz left a year ago, the suggestions don't have to be taken and it's just my opinion.  If you get mad about it being unrealistic, don't comment, just leave.



  • Small nations shouldn't colonize as easy as great or secondary powers.
  • Make it easier for Russia to form. 


  • Add the rest of the world into the scenario instead of just Europe.  
  • Add spheres of influence (not just vassals) and be able to form nations with them without conquest (Germany, Italy etc).
  • Britain should be stronger

Victorian Era:

  • Qing should be weaker, not even a great power. 
  • Add spheres of influence (not just vassals) and be able to form nations with them without conquest (Germany, Italy etc).
  • Ottoman, Spain and Portugal should be weaker.
  • Austria and France should be stronger.
  • Britain and France shouldn't hate each other, the constant war ended since Napoleon.
  • Small nations shouldn't colonize as easy as great or secondary powers.
  • Add Scramble for Africa
  • Add uncivilized and civilized nations. (Uncivilized starts as tribal)
  • Hanover should be automatically released by 1845, they were aligned with Britain because a family member of the queen's family ruled Hanover


  • Raj is too overpowering, should be much weaker or part of Britain
  • South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand should be British vassals.
  • Germany should be stronger overtime (by 1938/39) 
  • France should be weaker than UK, USA, Soviet Union (Germany by 1939).
  • Poland should be weaker.
  • USA should be 2nd most powerful nation, ahead of Russia, behind UK. 

Modern Day:

  • Crimea should be part of Russia or occupied by Russia.
  • Ukraine and Russia should hate each other.
  • North and South Korea should hate each other.
  • Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico should be weaker. 
  • France, Brazil, North Korea and South Korea should be stronger.  
  • NATO and CSTO should exist. 


  • Big alliances should be able to be formed.
  • Serious AI alliances should be formed.  Biggest I've seen is Nigeria and a below top 100 ranked Gabon. 
  • Peace treaties should be more realistic.  For example, I played Victorian Era as Austria and lost to Ottoman, they wanted most of my land.  Realistically, they would have annexed Croatia, given Transylvania to Romania and given Vjdovina to Serbia.  
  • War reparations should be more harsh, no matter who you are they are very easy to pay off. 
  • The AI should be more competent in general.  For example, a weak nation should not randomly declare war to a neighboring superpower.  
  • Less wars declared, when I play in late game (Turn 1200), I get declared war on by any random nation every 30 turns.  
  • Easier to do events in scenario editor.  I tried doing a Scottish Independence event, did everything right and watched tutorials, didn't work.
  • Should have sphere's of influence available to great powers and be able to form nations with those in your sphere.  
  • Nations should be able to collapse and split in to smaller nations or change governments and have nations released.
  • Governments should change by the AI. 
  • Humiliation by losing provinces or paying war reparations in peace treaties should be added and make the people rebel or be unhappy.  Humiliation can also lower your prestige. 
  • Be forced to change governments in peace treaties.
  • Demanding provinces should be easier (easy as demanding vassalization). 


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