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WTF happened with the AOC2(AOH2 now) mobile app?


So, I was playing AOH2 for a pretty long period of time already, I was a fan of AOC(2018 version) already, I can't deny that I really like the game, but wtf happened with the last AOH2 update? I mean, the map looks fine, but there's been some "bugs"( as I don't know if the creator made it on purpose) lately. So, I went in, tapped on a Napoleonic Era map,then the Austrian Empire one. There was one province that looked very weird, unlike it's nearby provinces (which has an assimilation of 100% and has more than ten thousand population), it has, strangely 1%, and only 10 people. You can't possibly recruit anyone at all. Then, I attacked some nearby countries, and the War panel/ the panel with all the wars going on from your country or from others, and the research panel which shows up a blue lettered (1.85%) or other percentages, disappeared. I mean sure, the map looks nice, there aren't much Fokus provinces anymore, map looks smooth, etc, but it's a shame that the controls on the mobile AOH2 have now been being a disaster, being that I have to open up the statistics panel(which did work), click wars, and click the buttons there just to enter the negotiations panel. It is a pretty disappointing experience for me and I hope, in the later future, the game creator(can't spell it sorry) can make an update to bring back the old controls back, 





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Yeah I had the same thing, I can recommend to download a mod lile Addon 2. It just has more content on the same map, and I think @Łukasz Jakowski should focus on game core updates and changes that we can't mod.

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