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I am making a series of Scenarios based in Europe. This is a Work In Progress but I expect to finish it by March 2022

Includes : new countries, future scenarios, Alliances, new Leaders

will include : more scenarios, a ton of vassals, custom exclusive region scenarios




1st European War Aftermath

Breakup of Fascist Yugoslavia

3rd Cold War Aftermath

Thermonuclear War Aftermath





1st European War: Aftermath : The first European War has just occured, and this is what the world looks like after it.

Breakup of Fascist Yugoslavia: Yugoslav exclusive mod. Here you see the breakup of Yugoslavia in the year 2525.

3rd Cold War: Aftermath : The 3rd Cold War has just occured. This is the world after it.

Thermonuclear War: Aftermath : The world, including Europe, has just bombed itself to death. However, there are some surviving Republics. Monaco, Gibraltar and Guernsey. But , all of a sudden, survivors begin to exit out of their bunkers. Tribes begin to pop up. Claim the neutral territory as fast as you can.



1st update :

Just realized I forgot to attach the leaders pictures, sorry. Put them in leadersIMG.

2nd update :

damn im really forgetful, added the leaders zip. put the folder inside the zip in your game folder (nothing should change, just adds the new leaders)

1st European War Aftermath.zip Breakup of Fascist Yugoslavia.zip 3rd Cold War Aftermath.zip Thermonuclear War Aftermath (last scenario).zip







Edited by mrki75
forgot to include images + forgot leaders

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