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Age of History 3

AOC2 Chinese player group's development of the new system.

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AOC2 Chinese player group developed a new system.

Hello everyone, I am from China. Let me give you a late Christmas greeting. My English is not very proficient. I hope you will understand.

In December 2018, shortly after the release of AOC2, I came into contact with this game. It is different from the Iron Ambition and Europa Universalis series. This is a relatively simple game. The most important thing is that it can run on mobile phones. At that time, I didn't have a computer and I was very excited.

Chinese players started to create various AOC2 exchange groups in 2016. At that time, Chinese players were very looking forward to AOC2. The original author Lucas also visited the AOC2 Chinese player exchange platform in 2017, and we actively provide various suggestions for the Chinese region. A detailed plot division plan is given, which is enough to express Chinese players' love for AOC2.

It is 2021, and Chinese players have made great achievements in the system development of AOC2. In 2019, we released the beta version of the new system. After continuous updates and modifications, the new system now has a relatively complete strategic and tactical system. , But the political part is still underdeveloped.

1. Fix a lot of original bugs

This vulnerability may cause a crash and damage calculation error during multinational joint operations, resulting in a crash

Fix many errors in the Shinra system

Fix the bug that the relationship between ai and ai cannot be increased by more than three, and the relationship between the player and ai can be increased by more than three

Fix the bug of wrong investment data type

Fix various income issues

Fix bugs with wrong event conditions (control provinces, number of troops, number of cores)

Fix the bug that the archive of the event chain cannot be read

Fix the error that the player can skip the event directly by saving and reading the file (the error that the event disappears when saving and reading the file)

Fixed an issue where collecting money from a vassal may cause the vassal’s income to remain negative

Fix the consumable reset bug caused by saving and reading files

Fix the bug that vassal civilization cancels vassal

I won’t repeat them one by one, in short, a lot of bugs have been fixed.

2. Government support rate system

The happiness during the tenure of the government will affect the changes in the approval rate of the country's territorial happiness. The epidemic, war, economic development, unemployment rate, taxation, etc. indirectly affect the support rate. If the support rate is too low, it will split, and then the support rate will reset (become 100)

3. Attribute System\Progress System

Each polity has its own attributes and step size, and each polity can only be transformed into other polities within its own step size.

4. Reform and electoral system

Reform the government:

One. Change of government has to wait fifty rounds

The process of regime change in the Gulf is called the process of reform, and the country will increase the degree of rebellion.

C. After the political system is changed, if the political system ideology is different from the original, the degree of rebellion will increase again

d. The government support rate changes slowly, but with the passage of time, the support rate will inevitably drop

Election of the government:

One. Changing the government can be done immediately

A change of government will only increase the degree of rebellion against ideological changes

C. There is an election cycle. If the government does not change after the election cycle, the support rate will drop rapidly. If the support rate is reset, the election cycle will be reset.

d. Support rate changes faster and declines faster

5. Local participation system

During the battle, there will no longer be a thorough transfer of power like the original version. When the attacker fails, the attacker will lose some units and return to the original place instead of disappearing directly. When the defender fails, the defender will lose some units and retreat one square to a randomly adjacent retreatable territory. If there is no territory to retreat, the force is called siege and annihilation. On this basis, a battlefield width system was established. When the troops on either side exceed the width of the battlefield, their troops will not be fully engaged. Only the force equal to the width of the battlefield will participate. A multi-directional attack will increase the width of the battlefield and the outcome of the battle. The loss is entirely determined by the participating units, and the remaining units can only be used as spares.

6. Trade war system

Players can choose to open or close the transaction. The number and level of domestic factories and farms, as well as technology, resource abundance (number of plots), administrative efficiency, national GDP and international prestige will all affect tade competitiveness. When trade competitiveness is high enough, there is no trade closure within the scope of trade. Other countries will suffer a larger deficit, that is, through purely economic means to attack the economies of other countries within the scope of trade.

7. Tactical system supplement

When a province is occupied by a hostile country, the buildings on the province have a probability of being downgraded by one level. If the building level is one, it will be destroyed directly. The probability of destroying fortresses and watchtowers is 50%, and the probability of other buildings being destroyed is only 20%.

8. New vision system

Similar to the Iron Ambition series, you can directly see the forces in other areas bordering your own territory. The watchtower becomes a radar, and you can see the forces in areas two blocks away from your own territory.

9. National system and assimilation system

Some political systems are slow to assimilate, but also slow to rebels. At the same time, they can recruit non-national troops faster, which shows that this political system does not exclude other nationalities.

There are also various types of government, such as fast assimilation, fast rebellion, fast assimilation, slow rebellion, slow assimilation, and fast rebellion.

10. Non-linear growth of assimilation speed

The speed of assimilation starts quickly, and then becomes faster and faster. When the assimilation exceeds 50%, the speed of assimilation starts to slow down, and then becomes slower and slower.

11. Two-way military passage and shared military passage system

Two-way military traffic:

When a and b go to war, if a obtains military access to neutral country c, or is an ally, vassal, suzerain, or indirect alliance vassal relationship of neutral country c, then b automatically gains military access to neutral country c, and the player releases the vassal to isolate the enemy directly.

Military access sharing system within the alliance vassal chain:

All countries in the same alliance vassal chain automatically gain military access from other allies

Alliance vassal chain military common sharing system:

One of the countries in the vassal chain of the same alliance has gained military access to a certain country, then other countries in the chain also automatically get military access to that country

12. War mobilization system

When a country is in a state of war, the growth rate of manpower will gradually increase, military expenditures will gradually decrease, and recruitment costs will gradually decrease. When a country goes to war with multiple countries, its mobility will increase. If a government has low military expenditures, its manpower will grow rapidly., Then the military expenditure will drop to the lowest value faster after the war, and the manpower growth rate will increase to the highest value faster. But on the other hand, a government with weak military expenditures and manpower at the beginning of the war can become as strong as the strong government mentioned above in the later stage of the war, and at the same time, a small part of the manpower of the vassal will become the manpower of the suzerain . This simulates the manpower of a country. War potential, and there will be many war points.

13. About tribes and colonization

Colonization costs are still unbalanced

Do not colonize the wasteland when closing the wasteland colony (mainly for ai cheating)

There are four types of tribal systems. There is no difference between tribes and other political systems (abolition of the civilized system). Some are elected tribes, and some are dictatorial tribes. Once the tribal system is transformed into a higher system, it cannot be regressed. In primitive times, tribes Will appear randomly.

14. Diplomatic scope declaration of war scope system

The scope of the declaration of war is twice the scope of civilization control. It is not allowed to declare war on enemies outside the scope of the declaration of war (except events) in any form, including the console. Civilization outside the scope of diplomacy to improve relations and diplomatic insults can make transaction requests and gifts. The scope of diplomacy and declaration of war will increase with time.

15. Rival system

When a civilization has fewer than three rivals, the diplomatic power will be reduced proportionally (if there are no rivals, then it will increase the diplomatic power every round, if there are three rivals, then the diplomatic power will normally increase every round), when one When a country's score is less than one-third of its rivals or more than three times that of its rivals, the two countries dissolve their rivals, and a country with a very, very high score will basically lose its diplomatic capabilities because it has no enemies. Ai will regard countries with similar rankings as rivals and continue to insult. If a civilization scores much higher than ai, then ai will not take the initiative to insult diplomatically.

16. Newdifficulty system

The difficulty is divided into five levels: fast, normal, difficult, hell, and legendary. In fast difficulty, the player and ai have unlimited mobility, and ai has no other bonuses. In normal difficulty, the player and ai have no bonuses. Players do not have any bonuses on the next three difficulty levels. ai has offensive and defensive bonuses, population growth bonuses, economic growth bonuses, mobility bonuses, and income bonuses, and it increases as the difficulty increases. In legendary difficulty, ai has unlimited mobility. In the mode with unlimited mobility, ai will use special naval warfare strategies (unlimited new fronts) and special recruitment strategies (direct in situ defense). The ai on the player alliance vassal chain loses all other bonuses except for the mobility bonus. become. At the same time, AI's diplomatic probability and internal affairs operations have been modified.

17. Other improvements

Assimilation will use action points instead of diplomatic points

Cancel the political system to upgrade the system over time, add more time parameters

Reduce the number of ordinary rebels and their ability to act

The more the active military, the slower the growth rate of manpower

When attacking the territory of a country, if there are soldiers from other neutral countries on it, then the attacking country and the neutral country will not go to war

Significantly reduce the speed of automatically changing diplomatic relations

The friendly civilization and the hate civilization will be judged every once in a while (to avoid situations where the relationship is already very good, but always hate civilization), and the friendly civilization and hate civilization will be updated when the file is read.

18.Data measurement

In the new system, 10,000 troops are equal to 1 million troops, 10,000 economic is equal to 100,000 US dollars, if it is equal to 10 million US dollars during World War II, the data is different in different eras, and gold coins are equivalent to the economy.

In the follow-up, I will bring you high-quality mods made by Chinese players, most of them are equipped with the new system.,

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