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The birth of Muhammad scenerio (570)

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I made this scenerio just for fun. I tried to make the scenerio historically accurate, so you can find finno-ugric, baltic and slavic tribes. Reccomended civilizations is : East Rome (Byzantium), Sassanid Iran, Francia, Thamud(Union of arabic tribes in Hejaz or Mecca), Westgothic Kingdom(In Spain), Yamato, Three Chines kingdoms, Khmer. There is no Turkic Khaganate in this list because it was on the verge of collapse and it is very difficult to play. Technology points, national provinces, relations and happiness levels are also here.


If you can see some mistakes, can you please tell me about them. I will try to fix them.


Download https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HhzRxv3s0hxQIbwKUkJNGbNWixS5HucB?usp=sharing


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