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Age of History 3

Unios (aoh2)

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In unios i changed the world


Nato allience (current june 2022)

Sovjet allience (communist party)

Asia allience (almost every asian country involved 

Middle east allience 


EU (all eu involved after brexit( are in nato))

CSA (2nd american cival war(are in the Sovjet allience))

Stanistan (do i need to explain(are in Sovjet allience))

Central america (combined country from Mexico to Colombia)

Africa (all african countrys)

United arabia (all arabian in the penusela (idk how to typ i

it) country(are in middle east allience)

South russia (Azerbeidzjan armenia and georgia(are in Sovjet allience)

Communist belarus (belarus but Communist (are in Sovjet allience))

Communist mongolia (mongolia but Communist(are in Sovjet allience)

Nordic Country (Scandinavia without denmark but with ice- and greenland(are in nato))

Sovjet Union (they returned (sovjet allience)

Yougoslavia (balken countys)

britain ( British island + Ireland island)


Ukraine vs Sovjet union (allience involved 

USA (allience involved) vs CSA (allience involved)

- Holy roman empire

South america

(Ill release later. I need first to do some testing)


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