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Best civs to play in AoCII!

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Hi! I have a lot of time playing this game and i think it's time to make a list of easiest or funniest civs to play in this game!. (Also, i will put in what scenarios and difficulty!)


It's really easy to play with milan!, invade little countris like Monferrato or Mantua, Ferrara or Luca and in just 50 turns you will be in top 20!, also, building farms, arsenals, universities etc... will make you VERY powerful! i like a lot playing with milan and i feel it's really easy


Well, it's a bit more hard playing with this country but, also is really easy, to make you the most powerful country in the world, you need to invade mazovia with at least 10.000 trops (bc poland will attack you also) and when you annex it, you will be really powerful!. a time i played with this country and i conquered europe!


It's really easy playing with clan uesugi, so it's a bit harder now, as everyone that have at least 5 months playing this, you now how easy is playing with clan uesugi, because you can invade literally everyone and nodoby will destroy you because you are the most strong here


An american tribe!? It's actually SO hard! and more if it doesn't have neigbors!. Well, if you recruit at least 1000 person and conquer territories, you eventually become more strong! See here!lenape.jpg.ca5f33ef308cd80d1f7dc3e5bbb1799a.jpg

well, i hope you'd like my ranking, see ya later!

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