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If you add these Provence to your mod it will be more realistic 

Focus on the border between n.korea and s.korea 

The islands states 

I will give you a list for these states 

Oceania :

Norfolk Island 🇳🇫 

american Line islands 

Japanese Oceania islands 

Australian surrounded islands 

Indian Ocean:

Cocos island 🇨🇨 

Christmas island 🇨🇽 

British Indian islands 🇩🇬

Comoros is actually 4 island not 2 

Lakshadweep islands

South chains sea islands 

Atlantic Ocean 

Jersey 🇯🇪 

Guernsey 🇬🇬 

Saaremaa and  hiiumaa islands in Estonia eche one 

Focus in Greece islands 

In Cyprus akrotiri and Dheklia

And UN line 

Ascension island 🇦🇨 

Tristan da Cunha 

In Caribbean sea :


Aruba 🇦🇼 


British Virginia islands 


Federal dependenceis of Venezuela 

Navassa island 

Nueva Esparta 


San Andrés and providential

Saint Barthelemy

Saint Martin 

Sint eustatius 

Sint maarten

US Virginia islands 

And I'm from meddle east so I will give you some advaise 

Focus on 

Map of north Syria 🇸🇾 at 2022 

Map of Yemen 🇾🇪 in 2017 

Map of Libya 🇱🇾 in 2019 

Uae 🇦🇪 is actually 7 states emarats 

Make some brovinse for Lebanon 🇱🇧 because the situation is complicated 

Pleastine/Israel make Gaza and Golan and Jerusalem 

Suez canal /Egypt 

In Europe 🇪🇺:

Vatican 🇻🇦 

San Marino 🇸🇲 

Lichtenstein 🇱🇮

Berlin state 

Helgoland island 

Ionian islans Greek 

Ceuta and Melilla 

And add the 

Islamic and separatism military groups

And states of countries 

Ase a civilizations.  

And thank 

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