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Stop war: The Everlasting Peace

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Mod author's youtube account:https://youtube.com/@user-se4cr8ll2b


bilibili account :https://b23.tv/bGtpcTM


1、 Features:
Stop war: The Everlasting Peace
Stop the war: The Everlasting Peace Mod is a refined mod that focuses on the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Its map projection is the same as that of the king's way: Shangbing, but it uses higher resolution terrain materials. In the division of the script, we still refer to the new map of the Historical Library. The biggest difference between the script and Wang Dao Mod is that it details the specific scope of each Shu country of "Qunshu".
2、 Production time:
This Mod has been produced since February 2020.
3、 Release:
This Mod was released on June 1, 2020 to commemorate the first anniversary of the release of Conquest and Peace.
4、 Shortcomings:
While this mod is still making plots, Wang Dao Mod is updating events. If the author first performs the production of this mod and updates the events of Wang Dao Mod, it is likely to write Wang Dao's Spring and Autumn and Warring States events in this mod. Considering that this Mod is more detailed than the WangDao Mod in reflecting the history of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the event performance should be better. As of November 2022, there is no plan to update the event in Zhige mod.
5、 Colored eggs:
Stop fighting: Everlasting Peace mod Egg Godzilla
Ben Mod placed a Godzilla under the thick cloud at the position of the Sea of Japan in the east of the Korean Peninsula. The Godzilla is Xinpingcheng Godzilla.




Androidhttps ://mega.nz/file/CZoD0RpS#ObePYwDvqdZs8gPCKfCRQZJuvq_aNYUvfIkE4GQYEug




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