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author @Xiamdrenly

1、 Features:

The Three Kingdoms: The World to the Heart mod is a regional map that focuses on the history of the three kingdoms at the end of the Han Dynasty. It contains about 3000 events and has a high degree of integrity.

The script span from the Huangjin Uprising in 184 to the Eight Kings Rebellion in 290. Civilized leaders are all taken from the TV series The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

In 290, the leader of the Eight Kings Rebellion script was processed and produced from the photos submitted by players. Since version 2.0 has not yet been produced, it still accepts submissions.

The event takes the form of romance+official history, which can well integrate the two versions of the world line.

The mod base map and UI are influenced by the style of "Total War: Three Kingdoms" and adopt the old and ink style.

This mod has the creation of epoch-making functional plots. If the number of marquis players in the event script reaches 200, the appointed official plots will be unlocked. Players can click "Appoint official positions or release vassals" on the national interface to arrange the generals and counselors in their own camp or the marquis who have surrendered into the official boards.

The 193, 207 and 219 scripts of mod have the "King of Qin" event, that is, if the vassals break into Luoyang, where the root of the Han Dynasty is located, they will be able to welcome the emperor/the emperor will go to flee. At that time, the Han Dynasty will be attached to the vassals who entered Luoyang.

The mod has a complete state and county map system.

2、 Production time:

This Mod has been produced since April 2020. The production and release of Zhige mod and Wangyue mod were experienced in the process, so in fact, the full production began at the end of 2020.

3、 Release:

This Mod was released on October 25, 2021.

4、 Shortcomings:

There are some scripts that have a bug in the process of clearing the relationship between vassals. This bug cannot be solved at present, but it has little impact on the game.

5、 Stinger:

Sima Hui Time Back Event

Map of the Warring States Period after the time reversal

In 193 AD, the script of the event was that the Sima emblem at the edge of Qinghai Province was used to play. In the 22nd round, the colored egg event would be triggered: "We saw a white light in the sky. Some people said that shooting an arrow into the light can reverse time and space." After choosing to shoot an arrow, the event of time reversal would be triggered, and the map would return to the Warring States era. The Stinger paid tribute to his previous work, "The Way of the King: Go to the Army and Attack the Plot".



Three Kingdoms mod cloud dragon hanging

"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Episode 14 Boiling Wine on the Heroic Dragon Hanging

On the right side of the bottom picture, there is a long and thin gap in the cloud at the border of the East China Sea. This is a dragon hanging in the sky at 34:47 seconds from the 14th episode of the TV series "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". In novels and TV dramas, this triggered the discussion of heroes between the two people, and finally reached the conclusion that "heroes in the world only use the emperor and the emperor"; In the game, the marquises played by players are "heroes today".



In the game, enter "help" in the input box above the tax interface to enter the console, and the console will play the classic dialogue between Cao Cao and Dian Wei at 18:48 seconds of the 11th episode of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: "Is there a prostitute in this city?" Nephew Cao Anmin was killed. The recording of this part is put here to remind players to use the console cheating function carefully, because cheating will seriously weaken the game experience.

6、 Others:

The English name of the Three Kingdoms mod is "Age of Heros"

When entering the game, the music is the prelude to the opening song of the TV series "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", plus the words "today, only Liu Bei and Cao Cao are the heroes of the world" in the play about Cao Cao and Liu Bei cooking wine

7、 Download:






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