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The Missing Order : The National War

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                  THE MISSING ORDER

Because at the moment the The Missing Order The last Day of Russian mod is not finished yet. So instead, I present The Missing Order The National War, which is a sequel to the previous part, or The Missing Order The last Day of Russian. We can say that this part is part 2 of this series.


In this mod, World War 2 takes place in 1942 instead of 1939. The fighting technology is so advanced that during World War 2 in this mod there are a lot more casualties than in the real World War 2. And World War 2 ended in 1947 with no one winning the war. Similar to The New Order, after World War II, Italy, Germany, and Japan separated and formed their own factions, but in this mod, the Soviet Union did not collapse. Disintegrate, although the loss of Moscow, but General Zhukov has moved the government to Siberia. But if you were in a discord, you would learn that the leader of the Soviet Union was not Stalin but Totsky. But in this sector, Totsky was dead, so the leader of the Soviet Union was General Zhukov instead.



The Discord <<<Here

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